November 2014

Group of Friends Having ThanksgivingWith Thanksgiving swiftly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about your holiday plans. Whether you can’t travel home or you just want two Thanksgiving dinners, hosting a “Friendsgiving” is a great way to bring your friends together for a delicious meal. But there are a few things to consider first. Here are 5 tips for hosting your own Friendsgiving:

1. Compile the guest list

For whatever reason you’re not spending Thanksgiving with immediate family, you’re bound to have friends in the same boat. The best part of Friendsgiving is creating your own guest list from the family you get to choose. Invite a fun group of friends that get along, and don’t feel pressured into inviting the friends that maybe don’t mix well together or aren’t reliable.

Chicago Subway SignChicagoans know that there’s much more to the Windy City than just Millennium Park and Navy Pier. Chicago reaches miles and miles beyond the historic downtown – there are an estimated 200 neighborhoods in the area, with 77 “community areas” defined by the University of Chicago Social Science Research Committee, all with a distinctive culture and essence. Here are a few that you shouldn’t let slip under your radar if you’re hunting for Chicago apartments and trying to find that perfect neighborhood.

Old Town

The Old Town neighborhood lies in the Near North Side community area, on Lake Michigan and just north of the business district and downtown. Because of its ideal location and popular shopping and dining destinations, the area is known for its extreme affluence. Huge, historical houses are sometimes turned into a cooperative-style living situation, however, if you’re looking for a unique style of living. Otherwise, the area makes a great visiting destination for a day to shop, eat and see the beautiful historical buildings and modern masterpieces alike.

Couple Moving Chair Up StaircaseIt’s been a while since you and your partner have been together, and things are going well. Your apartment leases are nearing an end, and you aren’t renewing your current roommate either. You spend a significant amount of time together anyway…why not just move in?

Remember, this is a bold move, but can be the perfect test to see where your relationship is going. It might even allow you to save on rent if you shop for 1 bedroom apartments. But is 1 bedroom or 2 ideal? Consider these factors when shopping for apartments with your significant other.

Couple unpacking moving boxesAdd the stress of traveling 2,000+ miles across the country to the process of packing up all your worldly possessions, and you know stressful moving apartments can be. However, knowing a few helpful tricks to cross-country moving can alleviate a lot of the worry and anxiety that comes with it. Whether you’re moving for job relocation or a fresh start, following these tips can ease the transition process.

Throw Out or Donate Stuff

Haven’t worn that shirt in a year? Donate it. Don’t like that poster from your college dorm anymore? Give it to a friend. Use this move to your advantage and clear out items that aren’t essential or sentimental. The more things you can let go of, the less you have to pack and unpack later. Cleaning off everything before packing it will also cut down your unpacking time it when you get there. Embrace the new chapter of your life and get rid of some of that old stuff!

Soldier Salutes Fallen ComradesOn Tuesday, November 11, we celebrate Veterans Day in the U.S. There really is nothing more important than thanking our veterans who have served this country in World War II, the Vietnam War, in Afghanistan and Iraq, and other military actions throughout the world. They have made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that we – and our families – live peaceful lives in the country that we love. The millions of active duty and reserve Americans serving in the U.S. Army, the Navy, the Marines and the National Guard also deserve our wholehearted support on this day and every day throughout the year.

We also honor the thousands of apartment communities across this great land, which house many of our country’s active duty military and veterans. Service men and women who live in apartments realize that this type of housing often offers them the best opportunities and lifestyle for themselves and their families.