March 2017

Young casually dressed woman sitting in cafe with her adorable French bulldog puppy. Close up shot with wide angle lens.The day was finally here. Lola grabbed her sweater and rushed outside. The morning air was cool on her face as she raced down the steps of her apartment building. There, under a light pole, was a quickly-disappearing pile of slush no larger than a shoe. The melted water glistened as it sunk into the surrounding grass. She snapped a photo on her phone and pushed it out onto Instagram. The adorned verbiage was just four words long: “Spring is officially here!”

Young man sitting in living room and budgeting for first apartment Face it: your parents, while so generous for letting you stay, aren’t exactly your ideal roommates. And your other options range from “friends who would be terrible to live with” and “random people on Craigslist that scare you a little.” When it’s finally time to cut the cord and live on your own though, you may wonder, “Can I afford to live on my own?” Check out these tips to find out how you can better prepare for solo apartment living and plan for the costs that you may have overlooked!

Landlord pointing at floor plan of apartment and giving apartment tourThe search for a new apartment can feel overwhelming. Time is often against you, and you may even begin your search from another state or country. You start by finding apartment options that fit within your desired area and price range. (Tools like ApartmentSearch are great to help you save time on this first part.) But usually, once you have the list narrowed down to a handful of options, you will want to visit the apartments in person. After a long day touring apartments, they often all begin to look the same.

However, there are some important differences you should look out for. Not all apartments are the same and sometimes the challenges can be hard to spot. This list will help you discover the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Young hipster male and female couple home eating pizza with laptop and dog“Furnished apartments aren’t stylish.” “Furnished apartments cost a fortune!” “There’s no personality in furnished apartments.” “Only certain apartments come furnished.” Okay, we’ve heard it all. There are so many myths about furnished apartments and not nearly enough time to debunk them all. Find out the truth behind these four big myths and give ApartmentSearch a try today!

Woman with red fingernails, signing paperwork to renew her apartment leaseFor some apartment renters, it is a day of much anxiety. You arrive back to your apartment to the note that your lease will soon expire and you must decide whether to stay or go. Many renters are seeing rate increases included as part of the new rental agreement. This may leave you asking: Is it time to move on or should I renew my lease? Here are some things to consider…

Setting out fresh towels on a crisp white bedNeed a dress for next week? Find something on Rent-The-Runway. Need a lift to the airport? Open your Uber or Lyft app. Need a place to stay on vacation? Make a reservation with Airbnb.

In this brave new world, ownership is no longer the only way to get what you want. Did you know that, in 2013, sharing economy transactions brought in about 15 billion dollars? That’s a lot of cash! If you’re looking to hop on the bandwagon and make money on unused space in your apartment, signing up for Airbnb could be the perfect solution. But before you start snapping pics and booking guests, be sure you have all the information. Here’s what you need to know before posting your apartment on Airbnb!

African American man coming home from work and opening door of apartment into kitchenWhether it’s your mom, friend, or new significant other that happens to “pop in,” it’s bound to happen: someone will want to see your apartment. Bachelor pads have the stigma of being very “Bond-esque,” but how practical is a secret door that’s hidden behind a sleek bookshelf? Here are some tips on how to pull off a bachelor pad when you’re not saving the world (but could easily be mistaken for trying).

Older couple sitting on couch, discussing desired apartment sizeIt has often been touted that bigger is better. But that is not necessarily so. In some instances, the practicalities of smaller can be just as alluring as the trappings of a larger option. Great things come in small packages…right? The debate gets even more complicated when you talk about living space and apartments. Who really knows the actual square footage they need in order to live comfortably? What does 750 square feet actually look like — and does it look that much different from 850 or 950? So when searching for your next apartment, how much space do you really need?

Cozy apartment kitchen with flowers and plates displayedHunting for the perfect apartment is exhausting, and it can get a little… repetitive. Every apartment claims to be amazing, but which ones actually are? “Vintage charm” can mean outdated, broken down appliances, while “ultra modern” can mean sterile and cold. It can be hard to read between the lines! However, knowing the difference between key bits of lingo can help you narrow down the field and decide which apartment is best for you. Let’s go over the difference between two important words, kitchen and kitchenette, and learn the pros and cons of each!

Young couple moving into new apartment, sitting on floor surrounded by boxes but looking excitedSpring is here and for thousands of college students across America, it means one thing… spring break. Visions of beaches, parties and a week-long celebration of their youth fill the days leading up to mid-terms. However, for some college students, spring brings to mind a harsh reality. In just a few short weeks. the ride is up and life in the real world begins. They might be spending spring break apartment hunting to get ready for what lies ahead. Very soon, it will be time for Adulting 101.