5 Reasons Furnished Apartments are a Rad Choice for Off-Campus Housing

Blonde college student sitting cross-legged on couch in off campus housing, reading a bookEver moved somewhere, excited to start fresh and eager to explore, only to realize that you need to go…furniture shopping? Bleh. While you may have heard of furnished apartments for corporate travelers and last-minute movers, you may not know that they’re a super smart choice for off-campus housing, too. Dare we say, an A+ option? Check out our five reasons!

1. The savings are epic.

The money you save when renting a furnished apartment is pretty hefty. Just think about it: furnishing every room in the apartment, buying large items that require movers to help, and even decorating the place — the costs add up quickly. With a furnished unit, you won’t have to worry about spending money, or time, on any of that.

2. Your place will look awesome.

When it comes to picking the right decor for your place, the last thing you want is a home that doesn’t feel like one. But sprucing up your walls and putting potpourri in vases isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to do. And if it is, those costs can get, well, costly! With a furnished apartment, you’ll be able to to pick themes and colors of the decor based on your taste (which are guaranteed to change). How easy, peasy and oh so stylish!

3. The process is painless.

No heavy lifting (literally), no last minute posting for people to buy the things you don’t want to move, no packing up fragile items, and best of all, no worrying about not having a bed to sleep on your first night! A furnished apartment is an easy apartment. Not to mention, your friends will thank you for not offering free pizza and beverages in exchange for spending their whole day moving your old furniture.

4. It’s a quick turnaround.

When you rent furniture from CORT, any apartment can be a furnished apartment, even in as little as 48 hours. That’s less time than what you might spend browsing Netflix for your next show to watch. Worth. It.

5. You can’t beat the convenience.

Getting in and out of a place in between summer school, summer fun, and visiting the fam is tough – if it’s your first year off campus, not having to furnish an entire place right off the bat can save you time and moolah. Use both more wisely when you use ApartmentSearch.com to locate an off-campus apartment, and then find out how you can get three rooms of furniture for as little as $119 a month with CORT’s student furniture rental packages.