How to Avoid the Apartment DIY Rabbit Hole

woman sitting on floor holding construction materialsDon’t get us wrong. A little apartment DIY can be a fun, crafty way to decorate a space on the cheap. But if you have too much fun with your upcycled cork projects, you may find yourself getting into the harder stuff. Thermostat installation? Maybe. Kitchen island demolition? Watch out. There’s a line between do-it-yourself and shouldn’t-have-done-it. If you’re fighting the DIY bug, here are some tips to help avoid falling down the rabbit hole of complicated apartment DIY.

Start Off on the Right DIY Foot

One of top DIY trouble culprits is hitting a snag in the middle of a project and not knowing how to troubleshoot it. If this happens to you, you can find yourself spending too much time on it—or worse, committing the ultimate DIY offense and not finishing the project at all. Combat this potential roadblock by taking to the internet. Head over to Make:, Instructables, Lifehacker, or DIY Network to find instructions for nearly every DIY project. With a step-by-step guide in hand, you should be able to conquer any DIY demon.

Let Maintenance Handle Apartment Repairs

In many cases, it can be quick and easy to take care of maintenance issues yourself. Changing lightbulbs, replacing a shower head, changing your air filter—all simple stuff. But if you’re looking at issues with an apartment-provided appliance, for example, you can probably eliminate some stress and leave it to the pros. For more tips on knowing the difference, check out our breakdown of how to do your own maintenance vs. things your apartment’s maintenance will handle.

Apartment Dinner Parties: Pick a Plate

It can be tempting to go the homemade route on every dish at your dinner party. But at the end of the day, it might be more worthwhile to stick to simple foods so you can actually enjoy the party (instead of being too tired to be a happy host). Another option: pull the potluck card. There’s nothing wrong with asking friends to chip in!

Paint Projects: Simplify Your Strategy

Thinking about redecorating with a new color scheme or paint project? Say goodbye to stenciling and rollers, and consider wall decals or removable wallpaper. They’re not permanent, meaning your security deposit stays out of jeopardy. Plus, they’re less time-consuming meaning your schedule can stay free. Can’t give up paint completely? Consider doing just one wall in an accent color.

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