How to Do Your Own Apartment Maintenance

DIY Plumbing MaintenanceOne of the perks and benefits of living in an apartment is maintenance service. However, sometimes it’s easier to fix a problem yourself than wait for maintenance to arrive. If you’re looking to save time and frustration, follow these simple DIY tips for apartment maintenance.

Plumbing Problems

Having the right tools can solve many plumbing problems. Keeping a plumber’s snake on hand can help you quickly unclog a sink or shower drain without having to call maintenance. Know the difference between a sink plunger and a toilet plunger? If you don’t, odds are you’re using the wrong one for the job. Also think about what you put down the drain. Oils, solids and even coffee grounds can clog up your garbage disposal and kitchen sink.

HVAC Upkeep

Keeping up with the heat and air conditioning maintenance year-round ensure airflow and prevent future problems. Make sure to vacuum the air vents before using them each year, then check periodically for additional dust build up. While many apartment complexes will come in to change the air filters every year, some will not so make sure to check with the maintenance team when you notice the filters are dirty.

Preventative Measures

Usually, the best way to keep up with apartment maintenance is to take preemptive measures to prevent any problems. During the winter months, keep the heat running throughout the day so that pipes do not freeze and break. Take care of your flooring by cleaning it often and with the appropriate cleaning products. Dust and dirt can damage your carpet while the wrong cleaning solutions can warp laminate and ruin wood’s finish. Looking for natural cleaning solutions? Check out our guide to eco-friendly apartment cleaning.

Know When To Ask For Help

Some apartment maintenance problems are best left to the professionals. Any broken, apartment-owned appliances should be reported directly to maintenance (same goes for any electrical issues besides burnt light bulbs). Additionally, any clogs that don’t respond to plunging or problems turning off water need immediate action to prevent damage to pipes and keep water from seeping into walls and floors. Not sure what your apartment maintenance crew will take care of? Use this helpful guide to the things your maintenance man will repair.

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