Apartment Living Trends for 2017 & Beyond

Man in apartment holding smartphone, with smartphone screen showing various ways to control the apartment's lighting, technology, A/C etc.It is rare to go a day without hearing something new about apartment living. Everything from a new apartment community opening across the street to the rising costs of rent in the major cities. But the world is rapidly evolving, and so too is the news about apartment living. New innovations are making the apartment lifestyle more desirable than ever before. A host of other changes in typical apartment life (including prices) are changing the way we think about renting. Here’s a look our predictions for apartment life in 2017 and beyond. 

The Apartment “Internet of Things” Will Take Off

A lot of media attention has recently been given to the Internet of Things, i.e. the “internetworking” of devices, vehicles, buildings and other items that are embedded with electronics, sensors, software etc. that allow objects to collect/exchange data. Leading the charge are Amazon’s Alexa and the new “home” features in Apple’s IOS platforms. In the future, we predict that everything in your apartment will be inter-connected and controlled through your smartphone. Already, some apartment communities are including Alexa as part of their offerings and others allow smartphones to control lights, A/C systems, and even front door entry. The average homeowner will have to pay thousands to implement this new technology in their house, but the average apartment renter will soon see it included in their typical apartment amenities.

Size Matters, But Bigger Won’t Always Be Better

In times not so long ago, everyone was seeking bigger apartments. Now, a trend of smaller apartments is occurring (especially in large cities). Saving money on rent by having less space and saving time by having less stuff is becoming the new normal. Of course, larger families –especially those with kids—will continue to seek larger spaces for increased comfort. But for young singles and downsizing Baby Boomers, smaller seems to be the new preferred choice. In fact, some companies are creating apartments out of recycled shipping containers and topping them with a host of luxury amenities. In the future of apartment living, bigger is not necessarily better.

Luxury Amenities Will Become More Practical

In conjunction with the Internet of Things and smaller units, the world of apartment amenities is also changing. Rather than venturing out into the local market to find the things that you need or want to do, apartment communities are bringing them to you. This is not new when it comes to fitness centers and sports offerings, but on the horizon is everything from pop-up restaurants to in-house movie theaters. Grocery and living items are available for same day delivery in many cities, and with more and more complexes offering package lockers or notification systems, you could easily never leave your wonderful apartment community and still enjoy everything you desire!

The Role of Rent Prices Will Change

Over the last two years, the majority of conversations surrounding apartment living have been related to cost. In some markets, rent could account for over half of an individual’s income. However, we think those days are numbered and that the market is quickly becoming a renter’s market. Prices are dropping and apartment competition is increasing. This means the top apartments in the best locations will become more and more affordable, so that you have more money in your pocket PLUS the perks of the not-so-distant future of apartment technology and amenities.

No matter what’s important to you in the future of apartment living, we’re almost 100% sure that the future will have an apartment that perfectly fits your needs, your budget, and your lifestyle. Finding the best apartment may seem like an insurmountable task. That’s why the team at ApartmentSearch has made our free apartment-locating system even easier to use. In seconds, you can obtain a list of apartments you are sure to love simply by choosing location, what you are willing to pay in rent, and your desired amenities. Fast, functional and easy to use is the future of apartment-locating, and that future is here today at ApartmentSearch.com!