A New York City Apartment Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Bianca Jagger Loses Her Apartment in New York City

new york city apartment
The New York City apartment rented by Bianca Jagger – Mick’s ex-wife – is no longer hers, according to a New York court. On October 23, the court ruled that Jagger had been lawfully evicted from the rent-controlled New York City apartment because of her visa status. Jagger, a British citizen, has held a B-2 tourist visa for years.

Katz Park Avenue Corporation, the apartment managers for Jagger’s ritzy New York City apartment on the Upper East Side, are probably happy to see her go. Not only will they be able to raise the rent on the apartment now that she’s gone (from the rent-controlled-yet-still-mindblowing $4600-per-month she had been paying), but they won’t have to deal with the dispute she raised a few years ago about the apartment’s purported mold problems, which resulted in Jagger withholding rent payments.

The New York City Court of Appeals judge in the apartment residence case wrote in the decision, “a primary residence in New York and a B-2 visa are logically incompatible.” Many renters looking to find an apartment, whether a New York City apartment or not, are being put in uncomfortable situations in these difficult economic times. Unfortunately, it looks like Bianca Jagger is one of those right now.

Finding Your Place – Even If It’s Not a $4600/Month New York City Apartment

Frankly, if you’re in a temporary situation or limited-term contract job assignment, you should look into temporary housing solutions instead of signing the lease for a rent-controlled New York City apartment.

However, for most of us, renting an apartment is the solution. No visa, no jet-setting lifestyle, no rent-controlled New York City apartment. We just want a basic place to relax, eat the occasional meal and lay our heads.

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