What’s The Best Minneapolis Neighborhood for You?

Planning your next move and wondering which Minneapolis, MN neighborhood is the best one or you? The “Twin Cities” has so many great areas that answering that question may be trickier than you think!

City living in Minneapolis can mean different things depending on which neighborhood you call home. Your Minneapolis experience can be art-centered, sports-minded, or even professionally-oriented, based on your zip code! Find your ideal Minneapolis apartment in your ideal Minneapolis neighborhood with the insider intel you need to zero in on the perfect community for you.

The Warehouse District — Looping in a Fun Life

Who You Are: You’re not inclined to live in a celebrated, large metropolitan area without taking advantage of all the amenities that big city living has to offer. That includes concerts, coffee shops, comedy, and more. If getting out there and seizing new experiences and relationships is what you want, look for apartments in the Warehouse District.

Where You Should Go: If it’s possible to make any Minneapolis neighborhood to order, the Warehouse District (also referred to as “North Loop”) is it. You can customize it according to your tastes. To scratch your arena spectacle itch, make your way to the Target Center, which regularly books top-tier acts like Celine Dion and Carrie Underwood. Want a beer or two? Check out The Freehouse. (Try their Coconut Chai Stout, if it’s available.)

West Broadway — Diversity in Culture and More

Who You Are: You feel most at home surrounded by a little bit of this, a little bit of that, but not too much of any one thing. Nightlife is a great escape, but you also appreciate a walk through the woods, a quiet dinner, and maybe a laugh or two with your neighbor’s family.

Where You Should Go: West Broadway has its own eclectic mix of art, food, and community. Theodore Wirth Regional Park—the largest park in the Minneapolis park system—hosts a wide array of year-round activities to burn off the calories you’ll eat at a great restaurant such as Breaking Bread Cafe. And when you’re not up for a hike? Snag a seat to a great show at the renovated yet historic Capri Theater.

Uptown — Traditional Cool

Who You Are: A swinging nightlife or sports-rich local scene might be just the thing for some people. You prefer the rich tapestry of more cerebral pastimes. Unique shops, foodie faves, tree lined streets, and fandom magnets like movie theaters and bookstores are what make a neighborhood your kind of place.

Where You Should Look: Uptown is your kind of town. And this is your kind of itinerary: order the “Le American” breakfast at Barbette, flip through some vinyl at the Fifth Element record store, grab some comics from Comic Book College, re-energize with lunch at Bryant-Lake Bowl with a Kingpin burger, and keep the good times rolling at many of the other cultural gems of the Uptown neighborhood.

Find YOUR Minneapolis Neighborhood

A single city can provide vastly different experiences. To begin enjoying the many adventures of Minneapolis neighborhoods, find apartments for rent in Minneapolis today!