The Prettiest Parts of Pittsburgh

pittsburgh skylineCheck out our list of Pittsburgh’s prettiest attractions, from breathtaking views to stunning architecture. We help you avoid the typical touristy spots, and focus more on the scenic beauty that Pittsburgh has to offer.

Amazing Views

If you’re looking for a beautiful view of the downtown Pittsburgh skyline, the obvious choice is to go up to Mount Washington. Known as one of the most beautiful vistas in the nation, this neighborhood proves to be both beautiful and historically unique. The main way to ascend the hill is by using one of its two Inclines, or cable cars, which are the oldest of their kind in the US. Aside from housing an affluent neighborhood of the same name, Mount Washington also holds a slew of Pittsburgh’s best upscale restaurants.

Whether you’re into baseball or not, Pittsburgh’s beautiful PNC Park, home of the Pirates, offers a mystifying view of the Ohio river and the city skyline. Grab a hotdog, a beer, and soak in everything this northeastern metropolis has to offer.

Architectural Wonders

For fans of iconic American architecture, Union Station is a must-see. This historic train station is still in use, and features the most magnificent waiting room you could ever imagine. The intricate rotunda used to serve as a holding area for carriages, and its arches reach high into the sky, glinting with detailed mosaic tiles. Architecture fans should also check out the campus of the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University, the famous Heinz Chapel, and the modern mecca that is the Phipps Conservatory and botanical gardens.

Another of Pittsburgh’s prettiest parts is more awe-inspiring than pretty. Pittsburg Plate Glass complex, or PPG, is a group of six downtown buildings that were made with a total of 19,750 pieces of glass. They are notorious for their 231 glass spires, the tallest one being a staggering 82 feet tall. Adjacent to several restaurants and home to an ice skating rink in the winter, this glass castle is a Pittsburgh staple.

Natural Beauty

For water lovers, the Water Steps on the North Shore are the perfect summer spot. The basin itself is made of 8,000 square feet of sandstone that when combined with gushing water creates a natural oasis, offering a refreshing getaway from the urban landscape. This fountain is perfect for kids, dates, and relaxing lunch breaks.

If parks are your thing, make sure to check out Frick Park, a massive 644-acre property known for its extensive trails and vivid scenery. Also look into Point State Park, a beautiful 36-acre property right in the heart of Pittsburgh’s “Golden Triangle.” The landmark celebrates the meeting of three rivers, commemorating this geographic feat with a massive geyser-like fountain.

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