What Are the Top U.S. Cities for Tech Startups?

What Are the Top U.S. Cities for Tech Startups?Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for a steady place to start your business or you’re a recent college grad looking for a place to jumpstart your career in the tech industry, you need to check out the top cities for tech startups in the U.S. At the top of the list are surprising places like Austin, Texas, and Boulder, Colorado… but don’t start your search for Austin apartments just yet; check out our list of the best startup cities.

Silicon Valley, CA

As the long-running leader in the tech biz, it’s no surprise that Silicon Valley, California is among the top places to bring your tech startup. In fact, it has the highest overall concentration of startups in the country. Beware, though: the competition for talent and cost of real estate (like offices and Santa Clara apartments) and operations in the Bay Area can be high, so it can be difficult for a new company to find its footing in Silicon Valley.

Austin, TX

Austin, Texas has one of the best startup communities in the country when it comes to the tech industry. With a young, employable population, reasonable rent rates for Austin apartments and premises, a walkable-but-urban feel, and a vibrant culture, Austin is a livable, workable city that has great support from the likes of Capital Factory and Taecho Group, and plenty of resources for startups. If you start searching for Austin apartments and aren’t thrilled with the locale or the prices of Austin-proper rentals, don’t worry; you’re not just limited to Austin apartments and office locations. The surrounding areas of Round Rock and San Marcos are not too far away, and serve well either as offices or places to live.

Seattle, WA

Seattle, Washington is a lot more than grey skies and good coffee. It’s one of the best cities for tech entrepreneurs to settle in. As the home of such major enterprises as Amazon and Microsoft, Seattle has no income tax, and its real estate prices are around half the rate of the Bay Area.

Boulder, CO

Kauffman recently named Boulder, Colorado as the number one metro area for high-tech startup density in the country. Boulder even has its own Startup Week every May that includes free meetups and events that provide resources and networking to the startup community.

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta has recently experienced a renewal of startup efforts, making it a top city for tech startups to put down roots. Local universities offer plenty of employable talent, Atlanta apartments and real estate are reasonably priced, and the city of Atlanta itself has lots to offer as a major metropolitan area. What’s more, startup success stories in the Atlanta area hail from a wide range of industries, from the software creators at Lucena Research to payment centers.