4 Signs It’s Time to Find a New Apartment

drum kitThere comes a time in every renter’s life when he reaches the end of his proverbial rope.  Renting an apartment will always have its ups and downs, but when the downs start to outnumber the ups, it could be time to find an apartment that’s less stress inducing. If one of these four things apply to you (or, worse, if all of them do) think about changing your address posthaste.

It’s time to find a new apartment if…

1. Your maintenance requests go unnoticed.

Has that pipe under your kitchen sink been leaking for two months now?  Has your hot water has been out for a week?  Has your stove given up?  Whatever your apartment maintenance quandary, a good apartment should take care of it promptly.  While a 1-hour turnaround time is unrealistic (especially in a larger apartment complex), apartment maintenance should respond to requests for repairs within 24 hours.  And if it’s an emergency, like apartment flooding or a broken door lock, an ideal apartment will have an emergency maintenance number you can call right away.

2. The neighbors have formed a heavy metal band.

It’s alright to admit it: not every renter wants to rock and roll all night and party every day.  If you’re tired of listening to the non-stop jam session, it’s time to relocate.

3. You’re giving away your life’s savings in rent.

If you weep for the state of your checkbook at the beginning of every month, reconsider your living situation.  It may be in your best interest to sacrifice your prime downtown location or that extra square footage for a little peace of mind and a more robust bank balance.

4. Your dog is going crazy.

When Fido was just a puppy, living in a 600-square-foot apartment was probably no big deal.  But now that your furry friend is a fully-grown golden retriever, a small apartment is an unhappy home.  Larger dog breeds need plenty of exercise and room to romp, and without an open living space, big outdoor area, or decent pet park available, you’ll be dealing at a lot of pent-up energy around your breakables.


What are your apartment deal breakers? How do you determine if it’s time to find an apartment that’s better? Let us know by connecting with ApartmentSearch.com on Twitter and Facebook.


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