6 Best Value Cities for Renters on the East Coast

Bustling cities, amazing seafood, hiking, and even skiing. Wonderful people and one-of-a-kind views. What’s not to love? The East Coast is calling your name! Learn more about the best yet cheapest cities for renters moving to the Atlantic Coast.

Find the Cheapest Cities to Rent an Apartment

1. Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Beach is one of the rare East Coast beach towns that truly experiences all four seasons—and sometimes, all four in one week! In addition to being a tourist destination during the warmer months, this city is known for its beautiful parks (more than 200!) and seemingly endless summer festivals. It’s also a short drive from North Carolina’s world-famous Outer Banks, known for breathtaking beach scenery and wild horses (yes, wild!).

2. Baltimore, MD

Baltimore, Maryland has some of the cheapest rent in America. It has more than 60,000 buildings on the historic register, but its proximity to Washington, D.C. makes it an enviable modern hub on the East Coast. Move to the Roland Park neighborhood to experience the country’s first ever planned suburban community or immerse yourself in the artsy feel of the city center. Baltimore offers plenty of cultural experiences and a more laid back feel than many of the other cities on the Eastern Seaboard. Ready to find your perfect apartment in Charm City?

3. Jacksonville, FL

Not one for cold winters? Jacksonville, Florida is your spot! The temperature in Jacksonville rarely dips below the 50s, and the city has more than 20 miles of coastline. With the youngest population in Florida, Jacksonville offers a relaxed, beachside feel with charming historic neighborhoods and a robust dining and brewery scene. Jacksonville is one of the largest cities by land mass in the U.S., and it’s also among the country’s cheapest cities to rent in.

4. Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh isn’t just a steel town anymore! While it’s not exactly on the East Coast, it does have beautiful scenery from the Monongahela River, and it’s within driving distance of several major coastal towns. If you’re thinking of relocating to Pittsburgh, keep in mind that Pittsburgh is also home to several universities, so make your move sometime other than late summer and early fall to find cheaper rent in Pittsburgh. Lastly, if you love sports and food you’ll find that culinary and recreational opportunities abound in Pittsburgh. (Did we hear someone say, ‘Philly Cheesesteaks!?’)

5. Atlanta, GA

Okay, okay—Atlanta might not have the cheapest rent in America. But, if you find an apartment in the Atlanta suburbs, you get the best of the city without having to splurge on living expenses! Check out one of the many well-established suburban communities around Atlanta for reasonably priced apartments. Living just a few minutes outside the city will still let you take advantage of Atlanta’s nightlife, booming economy, and recreational activities. Jetsetters will love Atlanta for its easily accessible international airport, and those looking to make a career change will find plenty of large employers in the city.

6. Portland, ME

Ski bunnies, listen up! Portland, Maine is one of the cheapest cities to rent on the East Coast, and it offers one of the best climates for winter sports. Summers are mild (and much less muggy than Southern East Coast towns!), and winter brings you plenty of fresh powder for snowboarding or skiing. Plus, renting an apartment in Portland, ME puts you close to some of the best ski resorts in Maine and Vermont, and even a few well-loved spots across the Canadian border. Last but definitely not least, Portland is home to one of the most delicious dishes on Earth–the Maine lobster, which is both plentiful and affordable in the Forest City.

The Cheapest Rent in America is Waiting for You!

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