How to Find an Apartment You’ll Love, Part 2

find an apartmentLast time we talked about some factors to be aware of in order to find an apartment you’ll enjoy. Things like size, amount of storage, and convenience may seem obvious. But other factors that may not be quite as apparent are equally important if you want to find an apartment where you will be both content and safe.

To find an apartment that meets these requirements, be alert for:

Noise. To find an apartment that will suits you, try to view it both in the daytime and in the evening, preferably on a Friday or Saturday. If you only look during the day, you may not discover that Bigfoot lives upstairs or that you can hear the neighbor’s Metallica like you were sitting in front of the speakers. Keep an ear cocked for street noise, barking dogs, and crying babies.

Safety factors. It’s important to find an apartment where you will feel secure. Look for smoke alarms and a handy fire extinguisher. Notice whether exterior walkways well lit. Apartment doors should be sturdy and have deadbolts, and all windows should have latches.

Neighborhood issues. Even if the building itself looks nice and well kept, notice the buildings around it. Is there a lot of trash in the yards? Are the streets well lit at night? Try to find an apartment you would feel comfortable going into and out of at any time of the day or night.

Plumbing issues. Turn on the taps to check the water pressure. An apartment with low water pressure could mean that you’ll get a morning dribble instead of a shower. Check for leaky faucets and water stains on ceilings. Damp areas can foster mold growth.

Electrical problems. Switch on all the lights to be sure they work properly. Bring a small appliance with you (a hair dryer is good) and try it in outlets in every room. Lights should not flicker or short out. You don’t want to find an apartment with dangerous electrical issues.

Appliance issues. In any place you find, an apartment should have clean, working appliances. Turn on the stove and burners to see how quickly they heat up. Check that the refrigerator, freezer, and microwave work properly.

When you find an apartment that satisfies your needs, it’s time to sign the lease and start packing. To get set for your move, use our printable moving checklist. And remember that if you find an apartment through Apartment Search, you could get up to $200 back in Renters’ Rewards.