Do Better! Negotiate Your Best Relocation Package Now

Crop of happy couple hugging near unpacked boxes in new apartment, copy spaceAccepting a new job or higher position in a new city can be one of the best experiences of your career. It can also be very disorienting. Grocery store prices, your commute, and even the local language may be different! A less than desirable relocation package can complicate the process even more. For a smooth job relocation and your best relo package, give these tips a try.

Pick the appropriate package. There are generally four common relo packages. Each has its pluses and minuses.

  • Lump sum. This option provides financial support up front, but is the only payout you will receive.
  • Reimbursement. No one enjoys having to save and submit receipts for work-related expenses. Imagine how complicated such a process is with something as large as a relocation!
  • Direct billing. Direct billing may combine lump sum and reimbursement relocation support. The potential downside? The logistical hurdles of coordinating such a move between the employee and employer.
  • Third party relocation. Using a third party relocation service overcomes some, but not all, of the direct billing hurdles. There can be peace of mind with utilizing relocation experts for every aspect of the move, though.

Carefully consider your relocation package options and then make your move! (Figuratively and literally speaking.)

Ask away. It isn’t just you. Relocating for work spurs a lot of questions among everyone in a similar position. Don’t hesitate to inquire about anything and everything that comes to mind. Your relocation questions might include:

  • Is the company headed in a direction worthy of my time and energy?
  • Does the culture of the new city fulfill my personal needs?
  • Can I speak with any fellow employees who have made a similar move?
  • What if I move and discover I’m not happy?
  • Will I be comfortable with the weather in this new place?

There are literally dozens of additional questions worth considering. Business Insider offers more.

Know your numbers. Corporate America loves data. To negotiate the best relocation package you can rely on data, too.

  • More firms are paying for relocation, reports a survey by HR Technologist. Why? Because they’re eager to attract talent. Talent such as you. That’s a stat you can leverage to your advantage.
  • Building a bench of talent is more important than ever, says 76 percent of hiring managers in the same survey. Your company wants a strong bench and they recognize you’re part of that.
  • Not everyone wants to move. On average, Millennials envision moving to a new city, state or country fewer than two times in their lives. Bank of the West, which spearheaded a study on the subject, found that most even say they would prefer to build a life in one community rather than live and work in multiple geographies. Whether a Millennial or not, such reluctance improves your relo negotiating power.
  • Many other companies offer relocation support. About 70 percent of U.S. companies offer relocation incentives for employees or new hires, reports Fox Business. Don’t like your options with one prospective employer? There’s a good chance you can find relo options elsewhere.

You don’t want to appear like a know-it-all, but citing facts and figures demonstrates that you did your homework. Your managers may even appreciate the extra data.

Relocating for work is a little like venturing out into the great unknown — new address, new workplace, new city, and eventually, new friends. While you work on getting used to all that “newness,” let CORT’s relocation services help you find a place to live and get your family acclimated. Learn more about CORT’s relocation services today!