Subletting vs Reletting: Which Is Best For Me?

It’s not uncommon for a tenant to leave their lease or rent out their apartment to someone else, especially in temporary housing situations. You may hear the term “subletting” most often, but “reletting” is another concept you should familiarize yourself with, too. The two are very different scenarios that are important to understand if you’re leaving your lease or renting your apartment to someone else for the short term. Check out the big differences between subletting and reletting, and learn how to decide which one is right for your situation.

The Skinny on Subletting

What is subletting?

“Subletting” refers to renting out a room, a portion of your property, or all of your property to another person (a “subtenant”) without changing the name on the lease. In other words, the principal tenant could be considered a middleman between the landlord and subtenant, and is liable for the actions of the subtenant.

Who should sublet?

Subletting is a good option if you’re leaving your apartment but don’t want to deal with the costs associated with terminating a lease early. It’s also the perfect option if you’re going to be gone for an extended period of time, but intend on coming back to your place eventually (i.e. subleasing your apartment just for a summer while you travel!).

The Rundown on Reletting

What is reletting?

“Reletting” refers to voiding your original lease entirely, allowing for a new tenant to sign a new lease. There are a number of common reasons that people terminate a lease, from job changes to lifestyle changes, or sometimes eviction due to bad behavior.

Who should relet?

Reletting is your best bet if you have a special circumstance (i.e. a new child or a job transfer) that requires you to find new housing. It’s also a good option if you don’t want to take responsibility for the new tenant and any damage they might cause to the apartment.

You can’t make the best decision for your situation until you understand your options. If you have a unique rental situation, visit today. We can help you find everything from short-term rentals to furnished apartments, fast!