Working in the City? How to Start the Apartment Search

apartment searchIf you’ve just gotten a job in the city, you’re probably anticipating some exciting changes.  Unfortunately, relocation to a downtown job can also mean an apartment search for a new place to live.  To take some of the stress out of that search, has put together a list of factors to consider during the process.  Here are our top tips for deciding where to live when finding an apartment for a job in the city.

Decide Your Price Point

This factor will determine quite a bit of your apartment search.  Apartments closer to downtown are notorious for being significantly more expensive than their suburban counterparts.  Before embarking on your apartment search, decide just how much you are willing to shell out for an apartment and go from there.  Then use a service like to narrow down your selection of apartments to those within your price range.

Calculate Your Commute

When starting the apartment search in relation to your new job, consider your daily commute to work.  If you choose an apartment further away from an urban area, you may be able to take advantage of lower rent and a quieter neighborhood.  The trade-off, however, may be a longer, more stressful, more expensive commute every day, whether by car or public transportation.  Decide how much money and travel time you’re willing to devote to your commute and choose your apartment location accordingly. You can use a commute calculator like the one on to make it simple.  Just input your work address when viewing an apartment listing, and you can see the distance and time of your commute by car, foot, bus or train, and bicycle.

How Walk-Friendly Is Your City?

If walking to and from work or around the city in general is important to you, include an assessment of the walkability of your new city in your apartment search.  Finding out your city’s Walk Score® can be a great place to start.  Check the “Neighborhood Info” tab of each apartment listing on to see your prospective apartment’s Walk Score®.

Do a Trial Run

When you visit your prospective apartments during your apartment search, pay careful attention to what each location has to offer.  If possible, travel the route you would take to work and make note of what you like and dislike.  Is there congestion on certain stretches of the highway?  Are there areas near a city apartment that might be unsafe to travel through at night?  Are there lots of conveniences (shops, eateries, etc.) on the walk or drive from your apartment to work?  Does the bus or train tend to run on time?  Seeing the route for yourself can really make a difference when it comes time to choose.