Moving Checklist for Pets

dog and cat sitting happily togetherRelocation can be tough on the whole family, but it’s especially stressful for pets. Whether you have a standard dog, cat, or bird or a more exotic beast, good preplanning with a moving checklist is essential. Barkley, Socks, or Crackers will be grateful for your efforts.

Before you start to pack, use our moving checklist to get your pet prepared for a move. Certain documents may be required if you are moving out of state. Ask your vet or check with the animal control agency in the state you are moving to. Some things you may need include:

  • Current ID. This should be number one on your pet moving checklist. If your pet can wear a collar, make sure it has one that includes a tag with your name, phone number, new address, and the pet’s name.
  • An up-to-date health certificate including a shot record. This is required for dogs in most states and may be required for cats, birds, or other pets.
  • Health records. Next on your moving checklist, be sure to get your pet’s health records from your current vet. This will help when you take your pet to a new vet.
  • A permit, which may be required if you have an exotic pet.
  • A recent photo. Be sure to add this step to your moving checklist. Heaven forbid your pet should escape during the move, but it could happen.
  • A pet carrier. Don’t overlook this important moving checklist item. Even if you plan to move your pet in your car, a sturdy and roomy carrier is still a good idea. It will keep your pet safer than being loose in your car and may help your pet feel more secure. Put a soft blanket or towel inside, and let your pet sleep in the carrier for a few days before your move.

If you take the time up front to handle the items on our moving checklist, the move will be much easier on both you and your pet.

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