Random Roommate or Not? Dos and Don’ts of Finding a Roommate  

Friends Moving Into New HomeGenerally, multiple bedroom apartments save each tenant some money compared to renting a one-bedroom or studio apartment by yourself. Of course, this leads to the dreaded roommate dilemma. Maybe you have had a bad roommate experience, or have never had a roommate at all. Thinking about trying a “blind” roommate? Use these tips to avoid setting yourself up for disaster and have a pleasant experience in your apartment while saving money on rent.

Do: Seek Practical Resources

Where you look for a roommate should depend on your situation. If you’re in college, there are usually resources for students to find roommates. Even if the university doesn’t provide it, there can be Facebook groups, or an outside resource online like RoomSync to match roommates at specific colleges.

However, if you’re working full-time, roommate matching is quite different. You’ll likely need someone at a similar place in life. For example, if you’re working but still like to have fun on the weekends, you should find someone who enjoys the same things on a similar schedule. Additionally, if you’re more likely to be out and about more than on the couch, finding a roommate can be as simple as finding someone who says they’re quiet and keep to themselves.

Don’t: Expect Best Friend Material

The beauty of a roommate that was not first your friend is that the only thing you owe to each other is being a respectful, harmonious roommate. That’s because social obligations associated with friends can strain a roommate relationship. So, when you’re shopping through potential matches, don’t use criteria that you would for someone to be your friend. Differences in common interests don’t have to come into play when sharing an apartment.

Do: Find Someone Looking For the Same Thing

Once you think you’ve found a match, you must also match the perfect place to live. Before browsing through apartments for rent, be clear about your budget with your potential roommate to make sure you are looking for the same thing. If you prefer to live on a certain side of town, or need to have certain amenities that can drive up the cost, let your potential match know up front. Chances are, you can find someone who can agree with you on where you want to live.

Don’t: Be Too Picky…Or Too Apathetic

At the end of the day, you have to go with your gut. If you’re in a time crunch and have to find a roommate quick, just put in twice as much effort to find the right one. They don’t have to be perfect, but they have to be tolerable. Don’t assume that you can deal with just anyone – the last thing you want is to end up living with someone who drives you nuts. So, choose wisely, but don’t make it a painstaking process.