Make Your Roommate Laugh with these 5 Practical Jokes

Your apartment is a place where you and your roommate can relax and get away from the chaos of the world… usually. Great practical jokes aren’t just for April Fool’s Day! Try these hilarious (but harmless) pranks on your unsuspecting roommate for some guaranteed ROFLs and LOLs.

1. Wrap their belongings in tin foil.

This is an incredibly easy and inexplicably funny prank. When your roommate is out of the apartment, wrap their belongings in tin foil. Wrap everything you can: trinkets on their nightstand, items on their desk, their toiletries, whatever! When they get home, they’ll be greeted with a shiny, metallic room. Space age, anyone?2.

2. Put salt on their toothbrush.

It’s best to do this prank in the evening – not in the morning when your roommate is rushing to work or class! Cover their toothbrush in salt or soak it in salt water. When they brush their teeth, they’ll be super confused (and grossed out!) by the salty taste.

Pro prankster tip: Be a considerate roommate and have a spare toothbrush ready to gift them afterwards.

3. Cover the floor of their room with plastic cups.

This prank takes a little bit of time, but the effect is totally worth it. Next time you’re at the grocery store, stock up on a ton of cheap, plastic cups. When your roommate is away, cover their bedroom floor in cups! Place them close together so your roommate won’t be able to walk into their room without picking them up.

Pro prankster tip: Collect and USE the cups afterwards, otherwise it’s an impractical joke!

4. Put a fake spider in the fridge.

This is an oldie but a goodie. Save a plastic spider from Halloween or purchase one – the more realistic, the better! Put it in the fridge. If your roommate has a take-out container or leftovers, put it in there! Next time they reach for their food, they’ll get a creepy surprise. Try to be in the kitchen when they see the spider… but don’t worry, you’ll hear the scream from anywhere!

5. Swap out all their framed photos with pictures of you.

This prank is particularly hilarious because it may take awhile for your roommate to even notice. When they’re gone, carefully take all of their photos out of their frames. Make sure you don’t damage them while you’re doing this. Then, replace all of those photos with goofy photos of yourself. Put the frames back in their places and see how long it takes your roommate to notice!

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