Sharing An Apartment Bathroom With Roommates

two sinks in a bathroomOne element of apartment living that takes a bit of adjusting to is sharing your bathroom with one or more roommates. Living with roommates can be rewarding and fun, not to mention smart financially. An apartment for rent with only one bathroom is generally less expensive outright, and it is easy to arrange a polite sharing agreement and maintain cleanliness together. Whether you are moving into a new apartment or are a seasoned bathroom sharer, it is crucial to approach the situation with a positive, considerate attitude and encourage your roommate to do the same.

When you find an apartment with one bathroom and begin the move-in process with your roommates, promote an open discussion about how storage areas will be designated in the bathroom. Plan out where each roommate will store his or her hygiene products and implements before unpacking them. Keep the designations organized and fair, so that every roommate will have equal space for his or her own allocation. When possible, try to avoid keeping too many products cluttered around the sink. When the area immediately around the sink is clear, the bathroom feels more clean and open in general. Make smart use of storage throughout the bathroom by thinking beyond cabinets and shelves— line up shampoo bottles along the towel bar in your shower.

Ensure that your apartment bathroom is always well-stocked with supplies, and agree to alternate making those essential purchases of toilet paper and disinfecting products. Practice general etiquette rules like leaving the seat down and refilling the toilet paper roll when it’s empty. We also recommend establishing a cleaning schedule so that each roommate is responsible for specific weekly duties, and everyone stays aware and on the same page

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