Tips on Making A Roommate Chore Chart

Roommates Doing ChoresIt seems like no matter how hard you try, you just can’t keep your apartment clean. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us! And of course, your lazy busy roommates don’t make the process any easier.

You’ve thought about making a roommate chore chart, but isn’t that a new chore all of its own? Fret not – take charge of your chores and reclaim your rooms once and for all. Execute the following tips with your fellow renters and you’ll all be well on the way to making and maintaining an effective roommate chore chart.

Define Joint Standards of Cleanliness

Firstly, decide how clean you and your roommates actually want your apartment to be. Then, because not everyone cleans in exactly the same way, define standards and methods of cleanliness that everyone can agree upon. This way, when chores are executed, they are completed in a fashion that everyone can appreciate and replicate. For example, if it’s collectively decide that a shared bathroom is to be cleaned once a week, determine exactly how the bathroom needs to be cleaned so that everyone is happy with the end result.

Determine Chores to be Completed

Now it’s time to determine what chores need to be completed; don’t be afraid to get specific! Don’t just say that the bathroom needs to be cleaned, make sure that every roommate knows that the mirror has to be wiped down, the toilet paper needs to be restocked, and so on and so forth. Do a ‘chore audit’ with your roommates by going around the apartment to determine what each chore will be and how often it will need to be completed.

Devise Method(s) of Accountability

Once a hard-and-fast list of chores has been created, think about the division of labor. One method includes separating the list of chores into sections based on the number of roommates in the apartment; roommates can then rotate from section to section each week. Another method requires that each individual chore is written on a piece of paper, a clothes pin, or even a magnet if you’ll be keeping your chart on the fridge. Roommates can draw from the chore pool until everyone has an equitable amount of responsibility.

Draft & Display the Actual Chore Chart

Now that each roommate has contributed to process of deciding what needs to be cleaned, how it needs to be cleaned, and how the chores will be evenly separated, it’s finally time to make the chart! Charts can be physical or virtual, simple or elaborate; however, the most important thing a chart must be is accessible. Remember: this is the easy part. For chore chart inspiration check out this magnetic DIY chart or this handy pinwheel chart.

Discuss Progress & Debug The Process

Stick to the set schedule for a few weeks before meeting with your fellow renters to discuss the pros and cons of the chart you created. Were there elements of your chart that worked? Ones that didn’t? Take the time to ‘debug’ your chore chart and fine-tune it for the needs of everyone in the apartment.

How do you divvy up chores amongst you and your roommates? Share your methods with on Twitter or Facebook.