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March 2016

AS_Tape-MeasureIt has been said that “bigger is better”. But is it? Is bigger really better, or have we fallen victim to a preconceived notion that should have disappeared around the same time as Blockbuster Video? As we recover from the economic downturn that scarred our country a few years ago, builders have once again begun to develop multi-family communities on an epic scale. Renting has evolved to the preferred living situation for the majority of Americans. Free from the burdens of an oppressive mortgage, many people who enjoy the apartment lifestyle are able to seek out the best of these new apartment offerings. Others, in a quest to save money, have sought more affordable apartment options from previously established apartment communities. But one thing that all apartment shoppers have in common is the quest to find an apartment with the right amount of space.

AS_DimeWell, you did it. You finally packed up that little life of yours and are officially moving into your first apartment. Look at you, adulting and stuff! Once you get over the chaos of putting everything you own into cardboard boxes and hauling it to your new abode, there’s just one thing left to do: make that humble abode a home. And nothing says “home” like the decor of your apartment. But wait a minute…are you thinking, “Decor? Isn’t that a fancy word for ‘decorations’? Sounds expensive.” Fear not, my budget-conscious friend. We’re here to give you some ways to save on turning your place into a whimsical wonderland (or a decked out den, or a pretty pad…whatever you want to call it, really). Follow our guide and you’ll be the king or queen of your quaint castle in no time.

AS_DogAh, the joys of puppy parenthood. Romps in the park, cuddles on the couch, games of fetch… torn-up pillows… piddled-on welcome mats… There are plenty of ups and downs that come with the addition of a furry canine friend to your apartment home. Whether your new friend is a tiny teacup pup or a roly-poly pug, you’ll need to take a few steps so she grows up happy and healthy… and so you can get your security deposit back when you move out!

AS_PhiladelphiaWhether you are a long-time resident of Philadelphia, or a traveling tourist, you won’t want to miss these top five historical sites that the city has to offer.

Independence National Historical Park

If you’re on a quest to revisit the past in the historical city of Philadelphia, your first stop should be Independence National Historical Park. Nicknamed “America’s most historic square mile,” the National Park resides in the Old City neighborhood of Philadelphia. Besides its beautiful grounds, other sites you’ll see while visiting the park include artifacts such as Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell Center, the First Bank of the United States, Franklin Court, a United States Postal Service Museum, Independence Visitor Center, and much more!

AS_Sherlock-HolmesPicture this: you’ve found the perfect apartment at a reasonable rate. You think to yourself, “I’ve done it!” Then, as soon as you move all your stuff in, everything breaks and the trash truck wakes you up every morning at 4 a.m. and your neighbor dings your car over and over again and your shower has no water pressure and it takes an hour just to wash your hair and you can’t believe you signed this lease only a week ago, why is this happening?! Now take a deep breath. That doesn’t have to be you. That’s why we’re here! We’ve made a list of a few things that you may forget to ask when it comes to finding the perfect apartment.

AS_Scared-ManEver since our ancestors first decided to cohabitate in caves, there have been encounters with unique (and sometimes even irritating) neighbors. Today, the varieties of ways a neighbor can drive you insane seem endless. They may be lurking in the halls, they may be heard through the walls and they may even be peeking out the window planning their next encounter. Whatever your neighborly chance encounter might be, these are some of the people who may be cohabiting within your apartment community.

AS_Apartment-InspectionCongratulations! You have just completed and signed your new apartment lease. After a few high fives in the community office, your leasing professional passes you a folder filled with coupons and information about your move in. Also contained within is a very important piece of paperwork that could prevent headaches down the road. We are, of course, referring to your Move-In Inspection Form.

At first glance, you may think that everything in your new apartment looks pristine. They have put in new carpet before your arrival, along with a fresh coat of paint on the walls. But there may be items that, by the time your lease ends, may have compounded into something you want to ensure you are not billed for in the end. Here are some of the items that you may want to take a second look at before you sign off on your completed Move-In Inspection Form:

AS_Leap-FrogEvery day, the news is filled with stories of the growing cost of rent in the U.S. and the challenges of finding quality apartments in many metro areas. However, the news media has only given you one side of the story. The simple fact is, in nearly every metro area in America, the total costs of renting an apartment are equal to or far less than those of home ownership. If fact, apartment living can provide you with many luxuries that most homeowners cannot afford. This means that today is as good a day as any to leap into the joys of renting an apartment.

AS_LaundryAh, springtime. The season of birds chirping, flowers blooming, and all things fresh and… wait, is that a cashmere blanket on your chair or just a giant layer of dust? Let’s face it: winter isn’t the easiest season to clean up. Luckily for you (and your roommate, if you have one), spring is the perfect time to tackle the clutter. Here are a few easy ways to get started and save you some stress.