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A bland or outdated apartment doesn't have to drag down your style — and an apartment makeover doesn’t have to break the bank. You’re in luck if you’ve been inspired by the major rental makeovers overtaking

Your apartment door greets you at the end of a long day

Written by: Grace Huxley As the age-old saying goes "home is where the

The days of minimalist interiors and neutral color palettes seem to be

Whether you’re moving into your very first solo apartment, downsizing to a cozier space, or making a big move without your own furniture in tow, furnishing a brand-new apartment can feel like an overwhelming endeavor. Before

Over the years, you’ve filled your apartment with things you love —

So, you want to get into a workout routine. But your apartment

With an explosive housing and rental market, it's more complicated than ever

Have you ever come back to your apartment and felt something was off? Maybe you’ve questioned whether someone entered your home while you were away at work or visiting with a friend. If you suspect your

You're scouting out apartments when you notice a scary trend — some

These days, it seems like every time you reach into the pantry for a bag of chips, you have to swat through a cloud of moths to get it. Pantry moths are no joke, and yet, they’re also pretty common.

Moving can be an exciting process! This is especially true if you’re looking forward to meeting new people and making new connections. To ensure a purely positive experience, we suggest erring on the side of safety when choosing a potential cohabitor.

After the chill of winter and spring, the higher temperatures of summer can be a welcome change. But depending on where you live, summer weather can easily go from delightfully warm to sweltering and stifling. If

Everyone is a pet lover until the time comes to welcome one

The Windy City has much to offer to new residents: unbelievable food, Major League sports teams, world-class art, beautiful parks, and more! If you’ve been thinking about moving to Chicago, find the perfect neighborhood for you with this detailed city guide.

Are you thinking about making Music City your new home? With its vibrant downtown, ample outdoor space, delicious southern food, and country music galore — there’s so much to love!

About to start the search for the new home of your dreams? Or maybe you’ve already been looking through search results with a fine-tooth comb for a while. Either way, you’re probably overwhelmed by the number

Landlords and property managers use various factors to determine your eligibility to

Are you studying abroad in the United States for only one semester? Or did you sign up for a summer-long internship in a different state? There are endless reasons you might be interested in a short-term rental, but you may find that landlords and property managers are less willing to consider this type of lease. If that’s true of your situation, consider these tips to help you find (or negotiate) a short-term lease!

Whether you’re an international student or a first-time renter — you may find the “guarantor” requirement on your dream apartment’s lease a bit confusing! No matter your situation, understanding what guarantors are, why they’re required by many apartment properties, and what to do if you can’t find a guarantor is key to landing your dream rental home.

So, you've signed your next travel nursing contract, and you've already started prepping for your move. The missing piece? A place to live in your new city. You want your travel nurse housing stipend to stretch

Moving out of your old home and into a new one can

Do you need a change of pace? Maybe you're on the lookout

“MOVE IN READY!” read the banners posted in front of the new

If you've found yourself thinking — or telling your friends — "I hate my roommate," this article is for you. Perhaps at first, everything was easy enough. Maybe you and your current roommate were childhood friends,

If dishes are piling up in the sink and you’re having to step over piles of clothes that aren’t yours, it might be time to have an intervention with your messy roommate. We know these situations can sometimes get uncomfortable, which is why we’ve rounded up the best tips for dealing with your roommate so you can remain on good terms and cut through the clutter at the same time.

It’s a problem no one wishes to face: a roommate suddenly unable to pay rent due to a job loss, health matter, or another unfortunate, unforeseen circumstance.

So, you popped the big question: “Will you move in with me?” If you and your significant other are taking this step together, congratulations! Amid the excitement, keep in mind that it’s not all rainbows and new décor — you also need to figure out the logistics of your big move.