Ways to Save When Furnishing Your Rental Apartment

Investing heavily in furnishing a rental is unnecessary since moving out is always a possibility. This means the furniture you buy may not fit in or be needed at your next place. That’s why you should try to save money while still having a nice rental. You don’t need to spend a lot to have a cozy, functional home. Here are some of the best ways to save on furnishing your rental without sacrificing style or comfort.

Check on the items you already have

Moving into a new home can make you want everything new – from big furniture to small details and décor. However, this is often unnecessary, as you probably already have some great things you can use in your new home. Moving is a perfect opportunity to declutter and evaluate your belongings. Go through your items and check what things are in good condition, whether there are things that miss a part, or are broken, etc. See what pieces can be used in your new home, and check if some could use a makeover. A simple DIY project can turn a seemingly old and outdated piece into a fantastic item that can make your new home unique. Also, there are probably everyday items you don’t need to repurchase – towels, bedding sets, pillows, hangers, and more. These are often inexpensive, but the costs can add up when furnishing a whole home, so it’s best to save wherever possible.

Make a plan

Buying items with no plan will only lead to unnecessary spending. Make a detailed list of the things you already have so you know exactly what to get. Also, make sure you evaluate the size of the new place – if you’re furnishing a small apartment, there are probably things you’ll need to get rid of and things you won’t need in a small place like that. All this information will help you plan well and create a budget to save when furnishing your rental apartment.

Make a plan to save when furnishing your rental apartment.

Go thrifting

If you thought thrift stores are only for getting cool vintage pieces of clothes, you’re wrong. You can get so many cool items for your new place and spend so much less than you would in a regular store. Here you can find some amazing pieces that come from estate sales or people’s downsizing projects. Thrift stores or consignment stores are perfect for finding vintage décor pieces to add some style to your home on a budget but also find some practical things and electronics. Here are some tips on thrifting quality items for your new apartment when decorating on a budget:

  • Know the right places – not all thrift stores are good for furniture and décor. Explore local options and ask advice from people who have more thrifting experience. They usually know the best locations and best days to visit.
  • Go online – the internet is a place of endless possibilities when it comes to thrifting. You can either sell the pieces you no longer need but also find quality items on Facebook Market and similar places – even for free.
  • Don’t make it a one-time search – thrifting is the best for regular visitors. Try to visit local stores more than once. Or even better, make it a routine of the furnishing process. Great things come and go pretty quickly, so you need to be in the right place at the time to get them.
  • Double-check the condition of the item, especially when buying from private sellers – as you’re not buying new things, it can happen that items are often damaged and not worth even the smallest price. Check the condition well before you get it so you avoid bringing unnecessary clutter to your new home.

Avoid rushing when furnishing a rental

Take your time furnishing a rental apartment to save money. Don’t shop in a hurry or at the last minute. Furnishing properly takes time, so wait for sales and good deals and compare different stores and prices. Instead of looking for cheaply made trendy fast furniture options to cut costs, consider building your style around pieces that are higher-quality, classic in style, and can be part of your furniture collection for years to come.

If furnishing seems overwhelming or you’ll only be staying for a short term, consider a furnished apartment instead. It’s more budget-friendly since furniture is included, saving time and money.

Create a cozy living space without breaking the bank

With some careful planning and creativity, you can transform any apartment into an inviting home. When looking for your next place, let ApartmentSearch help. Our advanced filters simplify your search and can help you find a space that suits your size and needs in just a few simple clicks!