The New Work From Home: A Guide to Live/Work Communities

Gone are the days when “going to work” meant commuting to a high-rise office building downtown. Modern entrepreneurs, artists, and more are redefining what it means to work from home, thanks to the innovative concept of live/work communities. But what exactly is a live/work space, and how can it revolutionize your work-from-home experience? We’re about to dive in.


What’s a Live/Work Layout and How Does It Work?

Imagine blending the comfort of your cozy living room with the buzzing energy of a creative studio or bustling office. That’s the essence of a live/work space. 


A live/work space is a type of residential setting specifically designed to accommodate both living and working areas within the same unit or property. This innovative concept caters to the needs of professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, and freelancers who crave a dedicated workspace without sacrificing the convenience of home. 


Dual-purpose design

Live/work spaces are intentionally designed with dual functionality in mind. They typically feature a dedicated area for professional activities — a studio, office, or workshop — alongside traditional living spaces like bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. Commonly, you’ll see this in an apartment setting where the living space is above the office/workspace.


A live/work space differs from a typical WFH setup because the dedicated work area is laid out like a traditional office or storefront. You aren’t turning an unused bedroom or floor into a home office. Instead, your live/work space will likely include features that support business operations, such as separate entrances for work areas, ample workspace, and accommodations for client visits.


Zoning considerations

When looking for a live/work space, it’s important to consider zoning laws. Some areas may have specific regulations regarding the use of residential properties for commercial purposes. An officially listed live/work apartment will comply with local zoning laws that allow commercial activities. They are built with the understanding that they’ll serve as both a home and a place of business.


The Benefits of a Live/Work Lifestyle

Opting for a live/work space brings a ton of benefits, enhancing both your professional productivity and personal well-being.


Unbeatable commute

The commute from your bedroom to your studio or office takes mere seconds, saving a significant amount of time and greatly reducing daily stress. This convenience is unparalleled, offering a lifestyle where the daily grind of traffic jams and crowded public transport is a distant memory.


Flexible work schedule

Having the freedom to dictate your work schedule allows you to align your professional tasks with your natural rhythm and lifestyle preferences. This flexibility empowers you to work when you’re most productive, whether that’s early in the morning or late at night, further enhancing your efficiency and overall job satisfaction. Moreover, the ability to personalize your work environment means you can create a space that’s not just functional but truly inspirational.


Cost efficiency

Combining living and working spaces can also be more cost-effective, as it consolidates two significant expenses into one. Instead of paying two separate rents for an apartment and an office or studio, you can combine them into a single expense that might be more affordable. 


Ideal Businesses for a Live/Work Setup

Creative ventures like art studios, design firms, and photography businesses particularly thrive in live/work environments. These spaces offer the right level of flexibility and creative freedom.


Additionally, consultants, freelancers, and even small tech startups find live/work spaces appealing for their affordability and practicality. If your business can operate within a compact space without disturbing your living area (or neighbors), you’re likely an excellent fit for a live/work lifestyle.


Maintaining Work-Life Balance

Living and working in the same space has its challenges, especially when maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Here are a few tips:


  • Define Your Spaces: Clearly distinguish your work area from your living area. Even if they’re on different levels, using different furniture styles and decor can help mentally separate them.
  • Set a Schedule: Resist the temptation to always be “at work” by setting strict working hours. This helps preserve your personal time.
  • Get Out Regularly: Change your scenery by occasionally working from a coffee shop or co-working space. It can refresh your mind and boost creativity.


How Can I Find Live Work Spaces for Rent?

Finding the perfect live/work space can seem daunting, but with the right approach, it’s easy. Here are some tips to guide your search:


  • Use Specialized Platforms: Services like ApartmentSearch are designed to help you find spaces that cater specifically to the live/work lifestyle, including those sought-after artist live/work spaces for rent. Advanced search filters allow you to narrow your options to find exactly what you need.
  • Consider Your Business Needs: Ensure the space supports the type of business you’re running. Look for appropriate zoning, sufficient square footage, and the right amenities to support both your living and working needs.
  • Location is Key: Choose a location that benefits your business. Depending on your industry, being close to suppliers, clients, or other creative professionals can significantly impact your success.
  • Visit Before Deciding: Online listings can be promising, but visiting in person will give you the best sense of whether a space meets your needs for both work and leisure.


Find Your Ideal Live/Work Space with ApartmentSearch

Running a business out of your apartment has many benefits beyond just cutting your commute! Live-work communities are a great way to connect with like-minded business owners and level up your work-from-home game.

No matter what kind of living situation you’re looking for, turn to ApartmentSearch. With advanced filters that let you narrow down the exact amenities you need, you can find a new space that you’ll love. Visit ApartmentSearch today to get started!