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African American woman packing cardboard boxes, prepping for apartment moveYour new apartment lease is signed! Now you’re happily daydreaming about your beautiful new view and enormous closet. Only one thing stands in your way: packing. There are some things that absolutely must be boxed up and moved, but there are just as many things that you can (and should!) toss. For a stress-free move, let your friends at ApartmentSearch explain what you probably don’t need to pack and why!

Woman sitting on shag rug in stylish apartment, writing a notice of intent to vacate on her laptopWhen you leave a rented apartment or home, your landlord’s goal is to fill it with a new tenant ASAP. That’s why you’re required to give them a heads-up – or a notice of intent to vacate – in plenty of time. The first thing you should do if you’ve decided to move out is check the lease agreement that you signed when you moved in. Your landlord should have detailed exactly when you need to provide a notice of intent to vacate, and how far in advance of your move-out date they need to have received it. Some landlords only require a notice when the lease is broken; others need one regardless of the situation. Some landlords need a reason; others just need the facts. Review your lease to see if a notice of intent to vacate is required in your situation, and then learn how to write one!