9 Places to Change Your Address When You Move

There are a lot of time-consuming and downright annoying things to cross off your moving checklist. Between packing and hauling and unpacking again, changing your address on official documents might be the last thing on your mind; however, it’s an essential final step to make your new apartment home. Cover all your bases with this complete list of places to change your address when you move from ApartmentSearch.

1. Post Office

The first thing you should do is change your address with the United States Post Office, which (luckily) you can do online! This will allow USPS to forward your mail so that you won’t miss anything sent to your old place.

2. Utility Companies

Ideally, you’ll do this step before actually moving so your service doesn’t lapse. You’ll need to contact your gas, electric, and water companies. Tell them to shut off service at your old place on move-out day and start service at your new place on move-in day.

3. Bank & Other Financial Institutions

Most banks or credit card companies allow you to change your address easily online. If not, give them a quick call and check what you need to do. This will ensure you don’t miss any statements or other mailings. You’ll also avoid any hang-ups due to mismatched information when shopping online.

4. Tax Agencies (Federal & State)

Update your information with the IRS and your state tax agency ASAP. The IRS provides Form 8822 for address changes. You’ll need to head to your specific state’s tax agency website to change your address with the state.

5. Cable, Internet & Phone

Is there anything worse than moving into a beautiful new place only to discover you’ll have no Internet or cable for a few days? Avoid that situation by letting your cable and Internet providers know about your move in advance. Then, you can get set up as soon as you have the keys to your new place. Your cell phone won’t be affected by a move, but you’ll need to let your cell phone company know so they send your bills to the right place.

6. Insurance Providers (Car, Health, Life, Etc.)

Let all of your insurance providers know your new address as soon as you know it yourself. This will ensure you don’t miss any important bills or statements that they need to get to you.

7. Employer(s)

Even if your employer doesn’t mail you anything, it’s crucial that they have your new address for paychecks and tax forms. If you haven’t told your employer about your change of address by the time tax season rolls around, you may have a big headache on your hands.

8. Magazines & Subscription Services

If you have any repeat mailings like magazines, subscription boxes, or scheduled deliveries, make sure to change the delivery address immediately. Otherwise, the resident at your old place might get an early birthday present.

9. Friends & Family

Don’t miss a wedding invitation or a Christmas card because you forgot to tell your loved ones that you moved. As soon as you know your new address, send a mass email with your updated information to all the friends and family that might need to know it.

Congratulations! Your boxes are unpacked, your clothes are hung, and with these official address changes, your new place will officially be home sweet home. Want to take the perfect last step? Furnish your new apartment with CORT furniture rental. With CORT, you can handpick the exact furniture you need to make your home complete. The CORT team will unload, unpack, and set-up your new furniture exactly where you want it—things don’t get much more stress-free, affordable, and convenient.