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Friends planting apartment community rooftop garden togetherOn Earth Day, we not only celebrate the glorious provisions that the earth provides, but we also celebrate the people and companies that work to improve the environment. While politicians, activists, and non-profit groups may be at the forefront of these environmental efforts, groups of everyday people are doing their part too. For instance, apartment communities across the U.S. are making big, green changes. Check out seven apartment community green efforts that are trending across the country. Is your apartment building joining in?

ApartmentSearch_Tax-DayApril 15 is a wake-up call for many of us. It is a time when we re-evaluate our finances, determining where we are spending our money and how we can save more of it. Unfortunately, for those who live in a home, the “saving money” part of the equation seems elusive. Every time they feel like they are making progress on bills and savings accounts, some new expense comes along to hamper their goals. An appliance stops working. A water pipe breaks and floods the carpet or wood flooring. The sod has to be replaced after a rough winter and pressure from the HOA.

There is an endless list of unplanned-for expenses that pile up. And these are not even the regular, monthly expenses. In addition to high utility costs, homeowners are paying mortgages, property taxes, lawn and landscaping fees, and a host of other home repair and upkeep expenses. The burden of mortgages – which are still disproportionately high after the housing bubble burst – and the other expenses is what has led many homeowners to switch to apartment living.