One-Bedroom Apartment or Studio?

studio apartmentsChoosing to move into a small apartment is a decision that can stem from many factors.  If it’s your first place out of high school or college, for example, you might want a more modest area to fit your budget.  Alternately, you might be moving to a large, dense city, where apartments close to the city’s center are either small or astronomically priced (or both).  Of course, you might just want to live simply, and not worry about the hassles that can come with furnishing a large space.

These are all perfectly valid reasons for choosing a small apartment.  Once the decision to downsize is made, however, the question becomes, how much?  Studio apartment or one-bedroom apartment?

Considerations can be broken down pretty finely, but for the sake of keeping things as uncomplicated as possible, we can say that choosing between the two options simply comes down to a matter of degree.  Studio apartments generally consist of one room, occasionally with dividers or a loft to compartmentalize the single space, whereas typical one-bedroom apartments come with traditionally designated rooms.  Since there are more rooms in a one-bedroom apartment, there is usually more space.  Thus, the question of picking between the two is usually a question of how much space you’re looking for and how much money you’re willing to spend.

However, don’t discount other factors like location and proximity to amenities.  Especially in large cities, studios in a desirable location might cost just as much or more than one-bedroom apartments located in other areas.  If location is important to you, it might be worth it to spring for the smaller space.

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