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Cozy apartment kitchen with flowers and plates displayedHunting for the perfect apartment is exhausting, and it can get a little… repetitive. Every apartment claims to be amazing, but which ones actually are? “Vintage charm” can mean outdated, broken down appliances, while “ultra modern” can mean sterile and cold. It can be hard to read between the lines! However, knowing the difference between key bits of lingo can help you narrow down the field and decide which apartment is best for you. Let’s go over the difference between two important words, kitchen and kitchenette, and learn the pros and cons of each!

Why Paying More for Rent Can Be a Good Thing - Couple Paying RentWe have all heard the stories on the news about how apartment rent is continuing to rise to near-historic rates. As America takes it last few steps to full recovery from the economic challenges that plagued the nation a few years ago, a new discussion has emerged. This one has very little to do with bank interest rates or mortgage qualifications. The new discussion is about value and how we perceive it, and it seems that each generation – stereotypically speaking – has its own take on it. This is especially true when it comes to how and where we choose to live.