7 Step Moving Out Checklist for Renters

New home, who dis? If you’re moving forward and have found a new spot, there are a few to-dos before you pop your bubbly and burn your sage. Yes, moving can be exciting—hello, new pool!—but it’s also tons of work.

Use this pre-move checklist one step at a time to make sure moving day goes smoothly and you get your security deposit back, because that’s what you really want, right? In 7 steps, your old haunting grounds will just be part of your past.

1. Notify Your Current Landlord

Most landlords ask for 60 days notice before you move away. This means that you need to let them know two months before you leave that you’re not renewing your lease, because that allows them to find replacement tenants. The exact specifications of your notice agreement will be laid out in your lease. When you’re giving notice, an email is preferable to an in-person conversation. That way, you’ll have a paper-trail in case the time of your notice is ever questioned.

2. Think About Storage

Look around your living room. Now, think about your closet. And cupboards. How much stuff do you really have? If it’s more than your new layout, then you may want to consider short-term storage. The average cost for storage units is $50/month for a 5X5 or $150/month for a 10X15 unit.

Tip: If you’re not ready to part with your stuff, try these storage solutions.

3. Hire Movers

Or bribe five strong friends with pizza. Either way, find a way to get your belongings from Point A to Point B. If you’re hiring movers, budget $150 per hour for two men. An average apartment takes about two hours to move.

4. Clean Your Unit

Once all of your belongings are boxed up or hauled away, it’s time to deep clean. Deep clean like you’re trying to leave the unit even cleaner than you found it. To make sure you haven’t missed a spot, check out this list of things around the apartment you definitely have to clean when moving out.

5. Cross-Check the Damage Checklist

Ask your landlord for the damage checklist in advance to see if there’s anything that needs fixin’. If it’s easy to do, like scratched floors or paint chips, you might want to go ahead and take care of that stuff yourself. In most cases, you’ll still come out ahead financially when you get that sweet, sweet deposit back in your hands.

6. Change Your Address

Before you move, visit USPS Change of Address to let the Post Office know where to send your love letters (okay, and bills). You can set a start date for the mail forwarding in advance to avoid stress.

7. Return Your Keys

It’s time to say goodbye to your past and hello to your new digs!

Between packing, hauling, and hiring movers, moving can get overwhelming quicker than you can say, “upgrade!” That’s where ApartmentSearch comes in. Not only can we help you find a new space to call home, we also have moving partners that can make the actual move more manageable. Compare prices from licensed moving companies today!