Storage Solutions for Studio Apartments

Studio Apartment BedroomIf you live in a studio apartment, you know what it’s like to get creative with storage. Studio apartments can get cramped very quickly, but they don’t have to! Using storage solutions are a great way to maximize the space you do have in your apartment. Walls aren’t just for art; they can be the best vehicles for uncluttering the floor. Additionally, storage doesn’t have to be ugly. Have fun with it and you’ll make the visual dynamics of your studio apartment more interesting. Here are a few best practices when it comes to storage solutions.

Look for Multipurpose Furniture

Finding furniture that has multiple uses is key to fitting all your stuff into your small apartment. Think about the pieces of furniture that take up a lot of room, but could also provide space to store things. Look for bed frames that come with drawers or have space under them for storage bins. Furniture pieces like this are perfect for hiding out-of-season clothes or extra linens. Storage ottomans are great for packing away DVDs, extra remotes and controllers, or throw blankets.

Utilize Vertical Storage Solutions

Vertical spaces in studio apartments are great for creative storage because they are both practical and decorative. Vertical bookshelves or freestanding shelves can help outfit rooms in an interesting way. Whether they’re used to house your books and magazines or toiletries and linens, shelves come in handy in small or oddly shaped rooms. You can even use open shelves in the kitchen for displaying your nice dishes or variety of spices. Plus, there are shelves available in just about every shape and size imaginable these days.

Stock Up on Baskets, Bins, and Fabric Drawers

Our last favorite storage solution is probably the easiest to implement and purchase. Any type of container that you can put a lot of stuff in will be a good asset to your apartment. Baskets and fabric drawers are both decorative and functional, which makes them ideal for small spaces. Keep them on the floor or place them up on shelves out of the way. While not as pretty, plastic bins offer a number of excellent storage solutions. You can stack them, they keep out dust and pets, and they come in an extensive variety of sizes.

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