5 Things You Definitely Have to Clean When Moving Out of Your Apartment

Moving out? Apartment cleaning should go at the top of your to-do list. As excited as you are about your new apartment, you can’t just walk away from your old one. There are some responsibilities you have as a renter when moving out, and those responsibilities involve cleaning.

But how much do you really have to clean in order to get back that security deposit refund? The answer may depend on how well you treated the space during your rental period. However, at a minimum, here is your moving out of apartment cleaning checklist.

Before you begin, though, it’s important to know that many renters make the mistake of using very abrasive cleaning products and, sometimes, end up damaging the items they’re cleaning. We recommend that you start with gentler products or with more eco-friendly solutions for cleaning your apartment first, before using harsher products.

Moving Out of Your Apartment – Cleaning Checklist

What You Need to Clean in the Kitchen

  • Wipe down all appliances inside and out including the oven, fridge, and microwave
  • Wipe out all drawers and cabinets, inside and out
  • Wipe out the sink and clean faucet
  • Completely clean surface of stove and countertops
    • Replace or clean drip pans if applicable
  • Clean behind fridge
  • Wipe out dishwasher, if applicable

What You Need to Clean in the Bathrooms

  • Wipe all spots off of mirrors
  • Clean toilet bowl as well as the outside of the toilet
  • Remove all soap scum and dirt from the shower
  • Dust out vents and exhaust fan
  • Wipe out any fixtures, drawers, and countertops

Give the Floors a Little Love

  • Vacuum all floors
  • Remove any stains on the carpet
  • Mop kitchen, bathroom, or any non-carpeted areas (If you need a little help, check out our quick tips for cleaning hardwood floors.)

Check Outdoor Spaces

Do you rent a home or ground floor apartment/condo with a little yard? Unless it is covered by a landscaping service or not part of your rental agreement, which would be specified in your lease, you may be responsible for the outside of the property as well. Make sure to:

  • Pull any weeds
  • Mow the lawn
  • Remove anything you may have added

Don’t Forget General Cleaning

  • Dust remaining fixtures like ceiling fans, fireplaces, built-in shelves, etc.
  • Remove any nails or screws in the wall and repair holes
  • Wipe down all baseboards
  • Clean all windows

As you’re doing your move out apartment cleaning, remember that the better you clean, the less likely it will be that your landlord will need to pay someone to do the cleaning. That means you’re more likely to get your security deposit back.

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