6 Things to Throw Out When You Move

Not many people would consider moving fun, but some perks come along with the packing process. This is the ideal time to do a bit of spring cleaning and toss the junk you’ve got in your current apartment. Start with this list if you’re wondering how to decide what to get rid of when you’re moving out of your current apartment.

1. Old Furniture

It’s important to get your money’s worth out of your belongings, but eventually, that old furniture has G-2-G. Whether it’s a stained couch left over from college or a rickety coffee table that’s older than you are, these items are begging to be donated during a move.

After all, your new, beautiful apartment deserves new, beautiful furniture—that’s where CORT comes in. Rent individual pieces or entire room sets for a fraction of the cost of buying new furniture. Best of all, a CORT team will do all the transporting, heavy lifting, and assembling for you.

2. Clothes and Shoes You Don’t Wear

That sweater seemed like a good purchase, but you haven’t worn it in the three years you’ve owned it. Those red patent heels had a good life once upon a time, but are you really ever going to wear them again?

Use your move as a chance to donate or sell the clothes and shoes you always swear you’ll wear but never actually do. Downsizing your wardrobe can feel surprisingly liberating, and your donated clothes and shoes can get their second life with someone in need.

3. Books You Won’t Re-Read

Or books you haven’t read and won’t read even once. Full bookshelves and home libraries can be gorgeous additions to an apartment, but why not save these things for a more permanent home?

As long as you’re renting, lugging around cardboard boxes full of heavy books is more trouble than it’s worth. Plus, empty bookshelves will give you the motivation to keep reading in your new apartment.

4. Tattered Towels and Dishrags

Nothing feels quite as lovely as toweling yourself off after a hot shower with a fresh, fluffy towel. If your bath towels are grimy, tattered, and old, don’t bother transporting them. Instead, treat yourself to new towels as a housewarming gift. The same goes for your washcloths and dishrags.

5. Expired Food, Almost-Empty Cleaning Supplies, and Old Toiletries

Don’t mindlessly pack up everything in your cupboards, under your sink, and in your bathroom drawers. Instead, take some time to throw out the old, expired, and almost-empty bottles that somehow accumulate in every home.

Plus, you can use the rest of your cleaning supplies while you clean your old apartment on your way out—you want that security deposit back, right? Not only will this make packing and moving more convenient, but it’ll also help keep your new space de-cluttered.

6. The Little “Trinkets” You Forgot You Owned

Who else is guilty of saving random odds & ends that collect dust on tables and shelves? This is the time to kiss those things goodbye. Moving them from apartment to apartment is a hassle, and they inevitably end up making your space look cluttered and messy. It can be tough to throw things away, but less is more when it comes to apartment living.

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