Why is My Apartment So Dusty? Here’s How to Keep Dust Away

“I just cleaned, how is there already dust again?” We’ve all become frustrated with the incessant stuff. It collects on the surfaces of furniture, in between décor, and in crevices throughout your home. It’s obnoxious, but what exactly is dust and how do we keep it away?

Dust 101: Why is my apartment so dusty? 

If you’re wondering, “Why does my apartment get so dusty?”, there are many possible reasons. Dust is made up of many different microparticles, including:

Skin Cells: This is the common dust culprit that cleaning companies like to talk about. While skin cells do make up a portion of dust, you might be surprised by how small a percentage they contribute. 

Dirt: Soil particles will cling to your shoes and hitch a ride into your home. You aren’t the only one though — pets also track in dirt and other debris on their paws or fur. To reduce dust in your home, take off your shoes at the door and keep some pet-friendly wet wipes nearby in case your pet’s paws get especially dirty.

Pollen and Air Pollutants: You might have noticed that dust typically picks up in the warmer months when the air is humid and plants are blooming. Not only do seasonal pollens and allergens — like dried leaves — create dust, but the moisture in the air also exacerbates it. 

Dander: Dander is similar to skin cells, but this one is reserved for our furry friends. 

Other Particles: Take a look around your home. Do you see paint chipping on the walls, a popcorn ceiling, or wear and tear that’s causing surfaces to flake? If you have one dusty room in particular, look to your decor. Old books with cracked spines or décor with an aged look can also add to the dust mix. 

How to Get Rid of Dust

Now that we know a little bit about how dust is made and why it tends to appear, how do you keep dust away? Here are the places you should start!

Check Your Air Vents 

Wondering how to get rid of dust in the air? Look to your vents! If the grates on your air vents have dust, then it is well past time to replace your filter. Apartment complexes should change these regularly. If you feel that the frequency is an issue, discuss it with your apartment’s staff. A clean air filter will make a world of difference. Every space is different and you should research how often the filters should be replaced. Something as seemingly trivial as being near a construction site can impact the air quality within your home. 

Buy a HEPA Air Purifier 

If you’re wondering how to get rid of dust floating in the air, purchase a HEPA air filter. An air filter will capture all sorts of air pollutants that your air filters miss — including dust! It is especially helpful for those who suffer from pet or seasonal allergies. A HEPA filter is the best way to get rid of dust in the air. There is a filter for every budget and style, so finding the right one should be a breeze! 

Create a Cleaning Schedule 

The best way to remove dust is through frequent cleaning. Creating a cleaning schedule may not be tons of fun, but it’s truly the ultimate dusty house remedy. Here are some of the top ways to battle dust in your apartment: 

  • Vacuum often. Cordless vacuums make this chore easier and faster than ever.
  • Clean your ceiling fan. There are extendable dusters specifically made for this. 
  • Wash your sheets once a week.
  • Clean your rugs. Some companies even make washable rugs!
  • Deep clean your carpets at least once a year.
  • Clean your baseboards.  Dryer sheets work great for this and other uneven surfaces. 
  • Clean your blinds.  A slightly damp sock or old glove will make quick work of this!
  • Buy a duster. Make sure to invest in one that extends and also causes dust to cling to it.
  • Use a lint roller. Lint rollers are excellent for “dusting” fabric. Run it over your furniture, curtains, lampshades, and even fabric-covered books. 

Find A New Place

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