What NOT to Pack When Moving Apartments

African American woman packing cardboard boxes, prepping for apartment moveYour new apartment lease is signed! Now you’re happily daydreaming about your beautiful new view and enormous closet. Only one thing stands in your way: packing. There are some things that absolutely must be boxed up and moved, but there are just as many things that you can (and should!) toss. For a stress-free move, let your friends at ApartmentSearch explain what you probably don’t need to pack and why!

5 categories of things NOT to pack when moving…

1. Clothes you don’t wear

Most of us are guilty of hanging on to old clothing. We tell ourselves that one day we’ll totally have a reason to re-wear our homecoming dress or the jeans that have had the tags on for two years. Moving is the perfect chance to get real with yourself and clean out your closet. Donate or sell all of the clothes that you don’t wear or don’t plan on wearing again, and your move will be much simpler (not to mention lighter). Plus, donating clothing to charitable organizations could make you eligible for certain tax deductions.

2. Furniture and décor that doesn’t fit in your new space

And by “fit,” we mean literally and stylistically. If your new living room is cozier than your current, sell the extra love seat or consider downsizing couches. If your current apartment is decorated with vintage finds and you want your new space to look sleek and modern, there’s no point in bringing furniture and décor that will eventually get replaced. Only bring the things that have a definite place in your new space.

3. Flammable items

Some things shouldn’t be packed for safety reasons. Don’t box up things like nail polish remover, lighter fluid, fireworks, and matches. Not only can these items damage the rest of your belongings, but they can pose a danger to you and your movers. Play it safe, and repurchase these things once you’re at your new residence. Well, maybe not the fireworks?

4. Clutter and duplicates

Even the tidiest people can accumulate a bit of clutter in their apartment. Don’t even think about packing the stack of magazines on your coffee table or the empty shoe boxes in your closet. Additionally, avoid bringing duplicate items. Got six white towels or three cutting boards? Now’s the time to get rid of the extras. If you’re moving in with a significant other or roommates, discuss what you’re each bringing so you don’t waste time packing and transporting unneeded items.

5. Toiletries and food

Try not to grocery shop as moving day approaches. Focus on finishing whatever is in your fridge and pantry, and use up the product left in your shower caddy. After all, it’s a major pain to transport half-empty jars of pasta sauce and slimy bottles of body wash! Reduce waste by finishing what you can and waiting to shop for groceries and toiletries until after you move into your new place.

The less you need to pack, the easier your moving process will be. Sell and donate whatever you can, grab some free moving boxes, and get to it! Don’t feel like packing a single thing? We have your back! You can have the easiest move of all time by renting an apartment that is already furnished. Search stylishly furnished apartments for rent on ApartmentSearch.com today, and let CORT do the heavy lifting!