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Group of three friends moving apartments in the winter, one is lifting a couch and one is holding a moving boxYou’re sweating. It’s an abnormally hot summer, and you’re pushing a couch down a flight of stairs, praying that a bucket of water is available to dump on your head once you’re finished. Ideally, summer may seem like a great time to move, but many people don’t realize that winter is actually the underdog in this situation. Sure, it’s chilly, but we’ve got plenty of tips to help you stay warm, dry, and cozy as you reap the benefits of moving apartments in the winter.

AS_Thinking-GirlAlmost every apartment has some good and some bad to it. You might have hardwood floors on the one hand, but on the other there’s that oddly shaped closet you can’t seem to fit anything into. Or maybe you’ve got a nice patio, but the kitchen counter is barely big enough for a crockpot. Accepting these tradeoffs comes with the territory, and you learn to live with them. However, there always comes a time when you need to consider a new option. Is it that time for you? Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

AS_Sherlock-HolmesPicture this: you’ve found the perfect apartment at a reasonable rate. You think to yourself, “I’ve done it!” Then, as soon as you move all your stuff in, everything breaks and the trash truck wakes you up every morning at 4 a.m. and your neighbor dings your car over and over again and your shower has no water pressure and it takes an hour just to wash your hair and you can’t believe you signed this lease only a week ago, why is this happening?! Now take a deep breath. That doesn’t have to be you. That’s why we’re here! We’ve made a list of a few things that you may forget to ask when it comes to finding the perfect apartment.

AS_Apartment-InspectionCongratulations! You have just completed and signed your new apartment lease. After a few high fives in the community office, your leasing professional passes you a folder filled with coupons and information about your move in. Also contained within is a very important piece of paperwork that could prevent headaches down the road. We are, of course, referring to your Move-In Inspection Form.

At first glance, you may think that everything in your new apartment looks pristine. They have put in new carpet before your arrival, along with a fresh coat of paint on the walls. But there may be items that, by the time your lease ends, may have compounded into something you want to ensure you are not billed for in the end. Here are some of the items that you may want to take a second look at before you sign off on your completed Move-In Inspection Form:

Moving DayWe’ve all heard relocation horror stories and, sometimes, we’re even subject to moving maladies of our own. Nevertheless, there’s nothing more satisfying than a successful move. To avoid the moving madness all together, consider a few (or all) of these free apps, and let your smart phone become your moving day command center. The next time you’re making a moving checklist, don’t forget about these helpful tools – you’ll never have to be stressed about a big move again!

Get Prepared

Be prepared for the big day with the free Evernote app available for both Android and iPhone. Use Evernote to take inventory, jot dot quick notes, and even save articles that your find on the web for deferred reading. You can use the app to make actual checklists and because it’s passcode protected, Evernote can be used for safely storing information like an apartment access code or Wi-Fi password.

To those who have spent their lives driving compact cars and sedans, driving a moving truck looks about as easy as flying the Space Shuttle. If you’ve got enough stuff to move, however, finding a moving truck and hitting the road will definitely be on your apartment moving checklist. But don’t worry! Check out our beginner’s guide to driving a moving truck and you’ll get from Apartment A to Apartment B with far less stress.

Choose the Right Truck Size

If you’ve never driven a moving truck-sized vehicle before, you’ll want to keep your truck square-footage to a minimum. (Plus the smaller the truck, the lower the rental price.) If you’re moving locally and can make multiple moving trips, do so. You’ll save some cash and save yourself the stress of driving an enormous truck rather than a more manageable one. To figure out what kind of truck you need, start by making a home moving inventory and calculating how much space you’ll need for your belongings.

Know Your Route

Staring at a map and driving 14-foot moving truck are two things that should never mix. Familiarize yourself with your route before you leave so you can keep your eyes on the road. If you are directionally-challenged, invest in a GPS, drive with a friend, or use a smartphone app that voices turn-by-turn directions. Even if you’re just driving across town, it will pay to keep your attention on the truck’s handling rather than craning your neck to see street names.

Tips for Driving a Moving Truck

Ready to go? Before you start the engine, review these tips so you have a smoother drive.

ApartmentSearch_Guy-MovingMoving to a new college apartment? Time to buy sheets upon sheets of bubble wrap, box up the dishes, get a dog sitter, and contact a moving company…right?

Slow down! Ideally, that list sounds great on paper, but for a college student, moving apartments can get expensive pretty quickly. Here are some tips for moving apartments that will keep your college bank account intact!