Top 5 Tips for Moving Apartments in Summer

Young couple bringing boxes into a new apartmentSummer is here and everything is heating up! From the sidewalks to the pool (to the stress of moving) it can be tough to keep your cool. Summertime means that moving season is in full-swing. Before you set yourself up to suffer through the heat, ease the burden of your move with these top summer moving tips:

Moving Tip #1: Consider hiring movers

Moving yourself is definitely a pain, for you AND the friends you guilt-trip into helping out. Most people think that moving yourself is the best option to save money. However, when you consider the time, effort, cost of a rental truck, mileage and all the other miscellaneous expenses, you may find that the difference in cost between hiring movers and doing it yourself is very minimal. So, whether you are moving across town or to a new place much further away, ask yourself a question: “How much is my time worth? And in the heat?”

Moving Tip #2: Invest in same-sized boxes

Whether you choose to hire someone or to move yourself, the type of boxes that you choose make a big difference. You might think it is better to just pick up any old box from a friend or at your local liquor store. However, this can quickly lead to a packing nightmare! Talk about a twisted game of Tetris! By selecting boxes that are all the same size, you can actually fit more onto a moving truck –and move things in and out much faster. Don’t be afraid to spend a little money here to make things much easier on yourself (and your sweaty friends)!

Moving Tip #3: Start packing early – maybe right now!

When it comes to packing, pacing is key. Procrastinators who wait until the last second to pack everything, or who are struggling the night before to get things in order, are doomed to suffer the wrath of their friends or the hired movers! Ok, maybe not full-blown “Real Housewives of Orange County” wrath, but your pals will likely be annoyed. To make your move as easy as possible, start packing early. Start from the back of your apartment and move to the front, packing all the things you are not going to touch between now and your move day, saving the kitchen for last.

Moving Tip #4: Pace yourself (& take lots of water breaks)

When moving day arrives, the heat is going to be your biggest challenge. A good night’s sleep the night before and drinking lots of liquids are a must, but so is pacing yourself. A fast pace of moving heavy boxes is a recipe for disaster and maybe even heatstroke. Short bursts of work in the heat and regular breaks will do more than save your back. Your move will be more efficient, more pleasurable, and you’ll help prevent a trip to the emergency room due to heat exhaustion.

Moving Tip #5: Wait! Do you even have an apartment?!

Of course, you are going to need to find an apartment first! This used to mean spending tons of hours logging in and reviewing dozens of apartments, then scheduling time to spend at least one full day touring them in person. But now, you can put time back on your side and get back to enjoying your summer!’s free online tools will help you find the apartment that is right for you, and in only a matter of seconds! Sort apartments by area, cost, and even the amenities that you desire most. You could even earn up to $200 in rewards, simply by mentioning ApartmentSearch on your apartment lease or application. That’s some cool cash to help you heat up your new apartment – with the hottest styles, that is.