Choosing Movers: A Moving Checklist for National Moving Month

moving checklistDid you know that May is National Moving Month?  It’s true!  In honor of the month that marks the beginning of moving season, has compiled a moving checklist that can help you find the right moving company.  In total, the U.S. Census estimates that over 37 million Americans move per year.  Unfortunately, many are subject to moving scams that cost them time and money and make the already complicated process of moving even more frustrating.  In fact, in 2012 the Better Business Bureau received more than 555,000 moving-related inquiries.  Keep reading for a moving checklist that will help you choose the right moving company so you can complete your move safely and with minimum stress.

Research Moving Companies

The first item on your moving checklist should be research.  A little research at the beginning of the moving process pays off big in the long run.  By checking out a moving company online, you can quickly find out whether or not the company is properly licensed and registered.  Likewise, you can often find reviews of various moving companies online; reading about others’ experiences with a company can be invaluable when trying to choose.

Get an In-Home Estimate

When choosing movers, the next step on your moving checklist should be to get at least one written in-home estimate from the moving company.  Movers looking to scam customers won’t often consent to an in-home estimate and are much more likely to only offer a quote over the phone.

Treat Documents Carefully

Read documents thoroughly, both those online and in person, as you fill them out and sign them.  Never sign a blank document like an estimate; this is a tactic dishonest movers often use to increase the cost of previously-offered quotes and take advantage of customers.  Additionally, make sure that you receive a copy of every document you sign.

More Moving Checklist Help

We hope that this moving checklist will help you kick off the moving season with ease.  Stay tuned this month for more moving tips.  For more information about moving, visit the Apartment Moving Center.  Want to tell us about your own moving checklist or moving tips?  Find and follow on Twitter and Facebook.