Pros and Cons of Moving to Scottsdale, Arizona

Whether you’ve recently moved back in with family and are itching to get back out on your own or you simply want a fresh start, Scottsdale, AZ could be the next city you call home. With stunning resorts, renowned golf courses, a growing job market, and fantastic neighborhoods, this city has become a top relocation destination in the U.S. If you’re debating making a move, make sure to first consider the pros and cons of living in “The West’s Most Western Town.”

Moving to Scottsdale, Arizona: The Pros and Cons

Choosing where to move is a big life decision, and you don’t want to pick your next city on a whim. While Scottsdale is steadily growing in popularity, it might not be the right match for you. Before packing up and relocating to Scottsdale, take some time to mull over the positives and negatives of moving to the area. If you think the pros outweigh the cons, prepare for your big move with our moving out checklist for renters


Why are people moving to Scottsdale, AZ? The city of sunshine has a lot to offer its residents, including a lively downtown, family-friendly neighborhoods, a bustling economy, and much more. Here are a few of the biggest pros of living in Scottsdale:

  • Low Crime Rates: Scottsdale boasts many safe suburbs, making it a great place for young renters living alone for the first time and those interested in starting a family.
  • Great Public Schools: In addition to safe neighborhoods, Scottsdale also offers some of the best public schools in Arizona, adding to its family-friendly reputation. 
  • Entertainment for All Lifestyles: Whether you like to spend your free time watching live sports, sipping mimosas at brunch, or dancing the night away, you can find it all in Scottsdale.
  • Endless Outdoor Activities: Outdoor enthusiasts love Scottsdale, thanks to its amazing hiking trails, campgrounds, and golf courses. 
  • Booming Job Market: Scottsdale is among some of the best cities to find a job in, which is why so many recent grads are making their way to this southwest city.


Like any city or town, Scottsdale also comes with a few drawbacks. Many people find the cons worth it, but for you, they might be deal-breakers. Some of the cons you should be aware of include: 

  • Summer Temperatures: Scottsdale is in a desert, and that means the summer can be scorching with temperatures regularly going over 100 and into the 110s. 
  • Winter Tourists: Scottsdale is known for its beautiful winter weather, which brings an influx of tourists who are trying to escape the cold of northern cities. Tourism brings frustrating traffic and crowds, but you luckily only have to deal with it for a couple of months a year. 
  • Desert Wildlife: Coyotes, snakes, spiders, scorpions, and other potentially dangerous wildlife call the desert home. You’ll need to watch out for these critters while exploring the outdoors or if you plan on bringing pets with you. 
  • Personal Vehicles Are a Must: If you’re moving from a bigger city with walkable landscapes or plenty of public transportation, Scottsdale will be a big adjustment. Some distances might be walkable, and there are some buses and rail systems, but you’ll likely need your own car to get around.

Where Are People Moving in Scottsdale?

Once you’ve chosen a city to move to, you need to get more specific and select a neighborhood. Thankfully, Scottsdale is full of amazing neighborhoods. For fans of nightlife, downtown Scottsdale will be the best place to live, but if you enjoy more peace and quiet, you’ll want to look at options like Gainey Ranch. No matter what sort of lifestyle you lead, you can find the perfect neighborhood that offers everything you need, from vibrant nightclubs to beautiful walking trails.

Test the Waters and Rent an Apartment in Scottsdale

Thinking of relocating but aren’t sure the city of sunshine is your cup of tea? Renting an apartment in Scottsdale, AZ is the perfect way to experience living in the city before making a more long-term commitment. Browse rental properties by rent price, amenities, and number of rooms with ApartmentSearch’s advanced filters!