Feel Like Home: Making the Most of a Small Rental Space

Written by: Grace Huxley

As the age-old saying goes “home is where the heart is.” It holds true to this day. Even if you have a rental space, it does not mean that you cannot call it home. After all, it ‘is’ your home. Here are a few steps that can help you make your small rental space become the home you had always dreamt of having all your life:

Position your furniture strategically

If your room is small and seems over-furnished, no need to fret, not when you can position your stuff in such a way that it becomes unobtrusive. The thing is, even if you have a really large space, it would still look stuffy if your clothes and furniture are scattered all over the place. You can create a small reading nook that can perform double duty as a means of camouflaging some of the extension cords coming out of the TV and the Wi-Fi box. You can also hide other wiring and light consoles behind a faux olive tree and other odds and ends standing discreetly in different parts of your home.

Hang your kitchen accessories

If you feel that there isn’t enough space in your kitchen for all the pots and pans and other cooking implements in your small studio kitchen, just install some hooks and place them there. This way, you can clear up both kitchen counters as well as shelf space. Moreover, if you don’t love the spiky metal, industrial-looking hooks in your hall or outside your bedroom closet, you can always cover them with a bit of creative artwork. An otherwise ugly wall festooned with hooks can become a highly fashionable display of your art and photographs. If you hang a collage of your favorite and most memorable photographs on these walls, you will be able to conserve space and create a morale booster, every time you look at the walls.

Cover the ungainly electrical box

Unfortunately, these ugly but extremely useful boxes are found in every household. However, they can become eyesores in a small rental space. You can choose to hide yours with a favorite portrait or picture. Alternatively, if you have an artistic bent, you can simply paint them with vivid colors so that they become the centerpiece of your home, instead of a place you would want to hide.

Add some live plants to the mix 

Plants and flowers are a surefire method of making any place feel warm, cozy, and welcoming. Not only do they look good they also smell good too. Who would not want to come home to a sweet-smelling home full of fresh flowers? And if your small home is particularly stuffy, plants can offer an additional benefit. They might help clean up all the toxins and CO2 from your home. While most plants look good in any setting, you can plant them in brilliant white pots or even neon colors if you want to make your place particularly bright and cheery. You can also place them in your bathroom and kitchen. In fact, why not go the whole way and grow your own vegetables in your kitchen and on the windowsills?

Call in the professionals

If you feel that your rental space needs a complete makeover, it might be a really great idea to contact a property management company near where you live. For example, if you live in New York City, you can simply get in touch with an NYC property management company to help you make the most of your rental space. These people are absolute experts in making your rental space become a perfect home. They can decorate the place and even provide the necessities that can help turn a house into a home.

If you have recently shifted from your own home in the suburbs (for instance) to a small rental space, you might be feeling a bit homesick. Under the circumstances, it would be a great idea to try and make your rental space as homelike as possible. You can buy plants and flowers, decorate the walls, and remove the clutter so that your rental accommodation becomes your home sweet home.