Upcycling Cork: 5 DIY Projects For Your Apartment

DIY CorkHey pal, put a cork in it! In your apartment decorating, that is. Corks aren’t just for popping champagne and making bulletin boards. Saving corks from bottles can pay off in some seriously awesome DIY décor. From one-bedroom apartments to townhouses, here are 5 ways any renter can finally put all those leftover wine corks to good use.

Favorable Table Labels

Halve the cork vertically, then make a ¼-inch horizontal cut on the rounded sides of your two cork halves. Place the halves flat side down, and ta-da! It’s a couple of tiny cardholders. Host a dinner party and put them to good use—make place cards for your guests, or put out hors d’oeuvres platters and name all those unusual-looking cheeses.

Tiny Fridge Magnet Planters

Ever thought to yourself, “I sure wish my refrigerator had more greenery”? Grab a few wine corks and add some foliage to your fridge! Using a large Phillips head screwdriver, punch a hole in the top of a cork. Wiggle a small paring knife around to create a larger space the reaches about halfway into the cork. (Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be pretty.) This will be your planter space. Hot glue a small magnet to the back of the cork. Fill the cork with soil, add your tiny succulent clippings, and stick your new teeny green friend onto the fridge.

Charming Wine Glass Charms

Eliminate the phrase, “Um, which glass is mine?” from your apartment. Start by slicing the cork into ¼-inch circles. Then use a tiny drill bit to drill a hole from one edge of the cork slice to the other. Thread a head pin through the hole (tail end first!) to create the attachment wire. You can thread a different colored bead onto each pin, or you can make each cork unique by adding a different stamp or shape onto the cork itself. Next, close the pin by using a wire cutter to make a small loop. Slide the loop onto a thin earring hoop (you can buy them on the cheap at most craft stores), and that’s it! A perfectly charming wine charm.

Creative Cork Wreaths

Make some apartment door décor that’s positively corky… er, quirky. Pick up a cheap straw door wreath, a hot glue gun, and LOTS of hot glue sticks at your local craft store. Fire up the glue gun, add a vertical line of glue to the cork, stick it to the wreath, and you’re off! Start with a flat layer, then add a second, more haphazard layer on top.

A Better Giant Letter

Personalize your apartment décor with a little alphabet aplomb. Purchase an oversize cardboard letter from a craft store to use as a base. Hot glue corks to the letter, and cut corks to fill in any gaps. Hang it on a wall or make it part of your bookshelf décor.

We Want Your Cork Commentary

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