Small Apartment Living: Bookshelf Storage

Rows of old-looking hardback bound books in red, brown, orange, and green across a wooden bookshelf. When it comes to small apartment living, shelving units can be incredible space savers. They offer good aesthetic quality to your home and add some flair to your small capacity for storage. The key is to break up space in interesting and eye-catching ways, but also make practical use of your shelves to maximize storage space. Vases and art are great for bookcases, but when you are considering the wall or a shelving unit as another place for storage in small apartments, practicality comes first.

Here are some ideas:

  • Colorful photo boxes or hat boxes offer more color and can be stacked to optimize space, and hide items that clutter your apartment.
  • Arranging books horizontally will not not only break up the space on the shelves, but also serve as natural book ends by anchoring your vertical books.
  • Uniform, all-one-size, glass jars aligned along the shelf are a great place for colorful tacks, scrabble tiles, colorful candy, sea shells, and even spices. Extra tip: Store cinnamon sticks or dried lavender in a jar and open when you have guests or need a calming dose of aromatherapy.
  • For records or magazines, utilize the typically roomy bottom shelf by using painted milk crates or large wicker baskets. Extra tip: Records should always be stored upright and vertically, not flat or leaning. Stacking or leaning them for a long period of time may warp the records.
  • How about a bookshelf herb garden? It is really simple to do if you have ample light. However, if you have minimal light exposure in your apartment, choose plants like mint, parsley, violet, and echinacea. These herbs do well in shady conditions.

Small space does not have to mean limited options. Small apartment living limitations are just another way to spawn creativity! To find an apartment that will open up interior decorating options for you, count on We’ll help you search for Dallas apartmentsPhoenix apartmentsAustin apartmentsSeattle apartments, and others in your city.