Tricks for Getting Packages Safely Delivered to Your Apartment

AS_Boxes-DoorstepIt’s a pretty great time to be alive. Almost anything you can think of can be delivered right to your front door. Whether you need a car to drive you to the airport, dinner from your favorite restaurant, a selection of clothes from a virtual stylist, or a doggy door from Amazon for your house-trained miniature horse, it’s all just a few clicks away.

But when it comes to online shopping, there is a downside for apartment-dwellers: How can you ensure that the packages you order are going to make their way safely to you? It’s a sad truth, but when a package is left by a delivery driver at your door, it’s vulnerable if you have less-than-trustworthy neighbors. There are some things you can do, though, to maximize the safety of your newly-delivered valuables.

First, check with your apartment complex to see if the office will accept packages for you. Tell them what’s being shipped, when it is supposed to arrive, and who will be picking it up from them. While not all complexes will do this because of liability issues, many of them will. If this is an option, then it’s one of the safest ways to make sure you get your stuff.

If that’s not an option, however, consider trying some of these tips:

  • Utilize the “shipping instructions” section of your online order form. That way you can direct the delivery person to leave the item in a safer, out-of-view part of your apartment.
  • Try scheduling the delivery for a time you know you’ll be home. FedEx and UPS both offer this on some types of shipping.
  • Have the item shipped to your office. This isn’t an option for everyone, of course, but if your workplace doesn’t mind if you receive an occasional package, this can be a great option.
  • Try a P.O. Box. You will have to spend some money for this, but if you receive enough packages it might be worth it. Plus, you can keep the PO Box as your permanent address so you don’t have to worry about changing it if you move.

Using some of these tips can help maximize your ability to get the packages you order delivered safe and sound.


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