Beware the Ides of March, and Your Apartment Neighbors

AS_Scared-ManEver since our ancestors first decided to cohabitate in caves, there have been encounters with unique (and sometimes even irritating) neighbors. Today, the varieties of ways a neighbor can drive you insane seem endless. They may be lurking in the halls, they may be heard through the walls and they may even be peeking out the window planning their next encounter. Whatever your neighborly chance encounter might be, these are some of the people who may be cohabiting within your apartment community.

The Verbose One

It seems to always happen when time is not on your side. You are minding your own business, and then suddenly “The Verbose One” appears. It does not matter if you run into them in the breezeway, at the mailboxes or it the fitness center: when this neighbor appears, you can kiss the next few minutes goodbye. Once they grab a hold of you, they begin a string of orations that only the great speechmakers of history can relate to. You try to escape but there is none. Once they have you in their grasp, you are stuck. You begin to wonder if they are talking strictly to hear themselves speak. As they continue to drone on (and on, and on…) your mind tunes out and you begin to wonder if “The Verbose One” has any other neighbors in their sights today.

The Investigator

A few days later, you have just begun to recover from your previous encounter, when you run into another one of your notable neighbors. Now you transition from listening to an endless earful to now being asked for your entire life story. They want to know everything – and we do mean everything— about you and your day. It does not matter how intimate a detail it is; they are sure to eventually inquire. In addition, they seem to always be in need of something. With all the things they have “borrowed” from you and their other neighbors, you have to wonder if they are actually hoarders in disguise.

Can You Hear Me Now

But at least with both of the aforementioned neighbors, you actually have face-to-face contact with them. Some of the people around you are heard much more that they are seen. Some may be just the loud talker standing in front of your door (why is it always your door?). Others may be practicing the intricate art of noise-making through the thin walls or on the floor above your head. The cacophony of sounds they are able to produce at all hours is astounding. It is also a complete interruption to your daily/ nightly routine.

The Shadow

But some of your neighbors are not seen or heard and, in fact, you would barely know that they are there. You know that they live in that apartment over there, even though you can never recall really seeing them. They are elusive, only providing rare glimpses in passing. The truth is that some of your mysterious neighbors may be just introverted, while others may be lonely. If you do encounter them in a momentary connection, the greeting and smile you provide them could be the highlight of their day.


Whether you love your neighbors or not, the chances are that one day you will be seeking a new apartment that will have a new assortment of neighbors. The team at is here to help to make finding that next apartment and make sure the transition shortly after is smooth. Use our free national database of apartments to find the place that is right for you. Your relationship with your new neighbors is up to you.