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April 2016

Cinco de Mayo has become known as one of the happiest days of the year. The day itself commemorates an against-the-odds victory of the Mexican army over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, and today it’s celebrated in many places all over the world. It’s a chance to relax with some friends and kick back with a cold cerveza or frozen margarita, if that’s your thing. In honor of the 5th of May, here are five cities where you can find the liveliest and best Cinco de Mayo celebrations!

Friends planting apartment community rooftop garden togetherOn Earth Day, we not only celebrate the glorious provisions that the earth provides, but we also celebrate the people and companies that work to improve the environment. While politicians, activists, and non-profit groups may be at the forefront of these environmental efforts, groups of everyday people are doing their part too. For instance, apartment communities across the U.S. are making big, green changes. Check out seven apartment community green efforts that are trending across the country. Is your apartment building joining in?

Oklahoma Sunrise - Road Trip Tips for OklahomaThere’s nothing quite like that “wind-in-your-hair excitement” you feel when you head out on the open road for a trip through the American heartland, especially when you’re headed to a state where the “wind comes sweeping down the plains!” Ring a bell, anyone? It’s time to hit the road for Oklahoma! The sun’s not too hot and the road’s not too crowded–check out these road trip pointers for adding the great state of Oklahoma to your next itinerary and come be a fan of the state that’s shaped like a pan! (Warning: More state jokes to come.)

Friends Reducing Their Carbon Footprint for Earth DayIf you, like many, enjoy living and breathing in a place that can house all humans, you should probably be aware that April 22nd is Earth Day. Also, unless you want to move to Mars in a few years, we’re gonna need to take a little better care of this place we call home. Being a planet-saver doesn’t mean you have to make giant leaps for mankind; together, if we all make small ones, we can have a much larger impact. Take note from the tips below and radically reduce your carbon footprint with a few tiny changes.

Top 7 Cities Near National Parks - Scenic View of Grand CanyonHappy National Park Week 2016! There is no better place to enjoy the great outdoors this spring than at one of our nation’s numerous national parks. With so many located just outside some of America’s greatest cities, you’re likely only a short drive away from chirping birds, frolicking elk (at least in Colorado), and swaying wildflowers. In honor of National Park Week (April 16-24, 2016), we’re highlighting seven of the nation’s top cities near national parks that offer attention-grabbing scenic views for nearby apartment residents and visitors alike.

Happy Couple Updating Apartment with Tax RefundIt’s that time of year again: time for tax paperwork that couldn’t be more complicated (bleghk) and a big fat check that couldn’t be more glorious (huzzah)! It’s time for your tax refund, and according to the IRS, this year’s average tax refund is a whopping $3,120. With that kind of money, you could go on a sandy beach vacation AND treat yourself to something nice. Why not give your apartment the makeover it’s been waiting for and upgrade your decor? Here’s how in three easy steps!

Why Paying More for Rent Can Be a Good Thing - Couple Paying RentWe have all heard the stories on the news about how apartment rent is continuing to rise to near-historic rates. As America takes it last few steps to full recovery from the economic challenges that plagued the nation a few years ago, a new discussion has emerged. This one has very little to do with bank interest rates or mortgage qualifications. The new discussion is about value and how we perceive it, and it seems that each generation – stereotypically speaking – has its own take on it. This is especially true when it comes to how and where we choose to live.

The Best of Santa Fe - The City At SunsetAs the capital city of New Mexico and the fourth largest city in the state, Santa Fe never comes up short when it comes to planning things to do. Playing host to numerous festivals and functions, the city of Santa Fe is always alive with activity. Whatever your interest, the historic city of Santa Fe is sure to deliver. Whether you’re planning a short visit, or searching for an apartment in Santa Fe for an extended stay, this enchanting city will have you mesmerized.

AS_Thinking-GirlAlmost every apartment has some good and some bad to it. You might have hardwood floors on the one hand, but on the other there’s that oddly shaped closet you can’t seem to fit anything into. Or maybe you’ve got a nice patio, but the kitchen counter is barely big enough for a crockpot. Accepting these tradeoffs comes with the territory, and you learn to live with them. However, there always comes a time when you need to consider a new option. Is it that time for you? Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

AS_DrillingWe all know the joy of paying a security deposit for an apartment; and if you don’t, well, we’re jealous. But a deposit, as annoying as it is, will get refunded to you at the end of your lease! If you treat the place right. Let’s face it though: who wants that? You’re probably rolling in money, laughing at the fact that you would even want your security deposit back. If that’s the case, here are some great ways to never get that cash back. Oh, to be young and wild and free!