Is Space a Condition for Achieving Apartment Bliss?

AS_Tape-MeasureIt has been said that “bigger is better”. But is it? Is bigger really better, or have we fallen victim to a preconceived notion that should have disappeared around the same time as Blockbuster Video? As we recover from the economic downturn that scarred our country a few years ago, builders have once again begun to develop multi-family communities on an epic scale. Renting has evolved to the preferred living situation for the majority of Americans. Free from the burdens of an oppressive mortgage, many people who enjoy the apartment lifestyle are able to seek out the best of these new apartment offerings. Others, in a quest to save money, have sought more affordable apartment options from previously established apartment communities. But one thing that all apartment shoppers have in common is the quest to find an apartment with the right amount of space.

Some of the new apartment communities that are currently opening embrace the stereotype that everyone wants something bigger. Larger and more luxurious amenities and options are a large part of this. From in-community movie theaters to pet concierges and “yappy hour”, to functional offerings such as package delivery lockers and even in-community spa services, the landscape of apartment offerings defy the previous conceptions of what multi-family living is all about. The ability to have spacious floor plans and extra square footage are a perk, but not at the cost of having higher rental rates.

There is a growing movement in America for smaller square footage rentals that are in more desirable locations and have better amenities. In fact, these so called “nano” or “micro” apartments are in demand from many city dwellers that crave the apartment lifestyle. Carmel Place, NYC’s latest community to showcase this “small apartment” movement is on the cusp of its grand opening. In Texas, shipping containers are being repurposed into 480-square-feet mini-apartments to fill the growing demand for affordable rental options. Not to be outdone, Boston has more than its fair share of purposely smaller apartments on the horizon.

It seems bigger is no longer better. Smaller is what is vogue now and, as long as the offered amenities meet the ever-evolving needs of future generations, the “small is cool” movement is here to stay.

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