How Much Space Do You Need in Your Apartment?

Older couple sitting on couch, discussing desired apartment sizeIt has often been touted that bigger is better. But that is not necessarily so. In some instances, the practicalities of smaller can be just as alluring as the trappings of a larger option. Great things come in small packages…right? The debate gets even more complicated when you talk about living space and apartments. Who really knows the actual square footage they need in order to live comfortably? What does 750 square feet actually look like — and does it look that much different from 850 or 950? So when searching for your next apartment, how much space do you really need?

How Much “Personal Space” Do You Need?

Everyone has a different need when it comes to space. Some people like to be able to stretch out and enjoy some added elbow room. Others do not want to have to clean any extra surfaces. In addition, the more people living together, the more space that is usually desired. Kids need less space than adults, and a cohabiting relationship often requires less space than roommates. This means that, before the apartment-searching process even begins, the questions of how much space is needed should be addressed.

How Much Stuff Do You Have?

But the discussion does not stop there. Cultural factors often play a key role in the decision. Generational trends reveal that Baby Boomers and Gen X often desire more spaciousness, while Millennials and Gen Z prefer smaller living spaces in order to make more room for experiences. The desire to acquire and retain more possessions leads to a need for more space. So, if you are someone who has a lot of stuff, you are going to need a lot more space in order to store it. Legendary Comedian George Carlin once observed that the purpose of the home is “a place to store your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.”

Can You Afford the Location?

Location is also a key factor. Thanks to suburban sprawl, larger apartments are more prevalent than ever. But, the closer to a city’s interior that you search, the pricier space becomes. The denser the city, the greater the squeeze on space and budget. Micro-living is a growing trend in large US cities and is already a common feature in large international cities. If you desire a life in the city, space is a need you may have to do without.

Can You Afford Everything Else?

All of these coalesce into the most important factor in the discussion on space: price. In the years since the economic downturn, apartment living has increased in popularity. At the same time, more apartments have been constructed to meet the growing demand. The past couple of years have seen rental costs reach their maximum and, in some cities, even begin to decline. How much rent you can afford leads to the ultimate determination on the value of space. Other factors to include in the equation are utility costs and commuting fees. And, once you have your budget determined, the desired location established, your storage requirements analyzed, and your personal space requirements determined, it is time to find your next apartment home.

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