How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint for Earth Day

Friends Reducing Their Carbon Footprint for Earth DayIf you, like many, enjoy living and breathing in a place that can house all humans, you should probably be aware that April 22nd is Earth Day. Also, unless you want to move to Mars in a few years, we’re gonna need to take a little better care of this place we call home. Being a planet-saver doesn’t mean you have to make giant leaps for mankind; together, if we all make small ones, we can have a much larger impact. Take note from the tips below and radically reduce your carbon footprint with a few tiny changes.

Legs For Days

Going somewhere less than a mile away? Get some exercise and walk there if you can. According to the US Department of Public Transportation, 40% of all trips are less than two miles away, and 90% of those trips are taken by car. Cut back on gas, emissions, and parking costs by moving your own two feet. Is a mile or two a little far for you? Invest in a bike and ride those wheels to a greener tomorrow. Look at you, being all, physically active! *high five*

Unplug, Metaphorically

We all know it’s so much easier to sit at home and watch Netflix than it is to, say, volunteer outdoors. Or for some of us, just go outdoors. Take an opportunity to get out and help the environment by joining an organization that volunteers to plant trees. Sites like Volunteer Match will connect you with an organization in your area. Trees not only reduce CO2 emissions, but also do things like provide shade for air conditioners and other types of units (which keep them cooler and running more efficiently). A tree can even act as a natural water filtration system, lowering costs of drinking water treatment for the communities that need it. And, of course, the shade they provide us humans whilst drinking a cold beverage on a patio is also pretty darn great.

Unplug, Physically

Strangely enough, humans tend to be a little lazy sometimes. (Maybe they should stop making binge-worthy TV shows.) But, unplugging electronics when you aren’t using them could help you save a ton of money on your electricity bill and save energy. Maybe that extra money could go towards something you’ve been saving for…like…pizza? (One healthy thing at a time, am I right?)

Stop Poppin’ Bottles

…of water. We already know how bad bottled water is for the environment, how much plastic it wastes, and that the water is not even from like, Fiji, or whatever. So, save the bottle poppin’ for a special occasion and filter your own water. Buy a water pitcher with a filtration system and save money while saving the earth! It basically makes you a super hero.

Embrace Your College Appliances

Though it’s true that the oven and stove can produce many culinary delights that the microwave can not, the microwave is there for you when 1) you need a meal ASAP 2) you’re too lazy to use the oven or stove and 3) you want to use less energy. While your microwave may not be the most glam way to cook a potato, (or Lean Cuisine, no one’s judging here) it uses way less energy than a larger appliance.

Eat A Lotta Local Stuff

Eating locally produced items not only supports small business, it saves energy too. Unbeknownst to many, the transportation of goods that are produced in other regions is a crazy wasteful thing. Next time you consider buying a watermelon in the dead of winter, think about how far that watermelon had to travel to get to you. It probably traveled on planes, trains, and automobiles across states and even countries! Can you imagine how much gas was guzzled in the transportation of that watermelon? The amount of CO2 emissions that were produced? Yup. Sounds like you should skip the watermelon for a nice seasonal choice from the Farmer’s Market.

Rent Things You Don’t Need To Buy

While it may seem ridiculous, the cost of buying something that you may not use in your forever home goes beyond the dollars you spend on it. People don’t realize it, but the energy used to transport goods is a large one. (See above!) This applies not only to foods, but also to products. When renting an apartment, most of us can say that we’re not going to live there forever, which is why services like are so amazing! Furniture rental not only keeps life flexible, but helps save on transportation costs too (especially when it’s time for you to move). You can even choose your own style of furniture…talk about adulting.

All Of The Lights, All Of The Lights (Off)

Kanye’s new remix? Nah, but turning off your lights when you’re not using them can work wonders for your electricity bill. Better yet, invest in compact fluorescent or LED light bulbs instead of your typical incandescent light bulbs. It helps to save you money in the long run and uses way less energy.

Interested in doing even more to reduce your carbon footprint? Check out to get involved in volunteer opportunities, vote on environmental issues, and get more tips on saving the planet. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it! (Hint: you. You should do it!)