Small Apartments: Decorating The Entryway For Trick-Or-Treaters


Earlier this week we focused on designing the entryway of apartments. To lead us into the weekend, we are divulging our favorite Halloween decor tips for your entryway. If you live in an apartment community that celebrates Halloween and supports a parade of pint-sized Trick’or’treaters, its time to make some room for decorations and fun!


The classic Jack-O’lantern: Nothing says Fall like a display of pumpkins by your front door. Decorate and illuminate one of your favorite gourds by following these instructions. If you are lighting by candle, be sure to keep the pumpkin off the floor and away from costume sleeves and trains. If you are using electricity to light your bulb, scatter hay around the area to complete the look.

Candy serving ideas: You continue the pumpkin theme by creating a candy bowl out of one half of a hallowed and dried pumpkin. Another idea is to use felt pieces to create a white felt “ghost” bag with the mouth as the opening. You can find a ton of Halloween candy dish ideas for apartments at HGTV’s Halloween Ideas website.

Mood lighting: Change the “welcome light” bulb outside of your apartment to create a festive mood. Black lights create a spooky vibe and illuminate bright costumes. You can even hang some fake cob-webs around the light fixture and around the door to add to this look.

Inside your apartment: Be mindful of your front door area and clear away any clutter to make room for a stool or table for candy. Indoors, you can also incorporate mood lighting with colorful bulbs. If you have a dog or cat, be sure to keep them away from the front door. Visitors in costume may startle or overexcite a pet or a fearful child. If you are worried about apartment safety, sit outdoors for the evening and visit with people in neighboring apartments.

Have a fun and safe Halloween from! And as always, if you need to find an apartment, our comprehensive search tool is just a click away. We can help you find great apartments in your desired neighborhood, and we offer renters rewards. Now that’s service!